Managing a real estate portfolio requires you to navigate a number of different systems, often resulting in multiple sources of the truth.

That’s why we built MRI Horizon (formerly Qube Horizon) to be the market’s most flexible platform. With open and accessible technology, it is easy to integrate with existing business systems, including your ERP system, to ensure your data is managed in one location.

With all your business information collated and maintained centrally, you can be sure that every report and analysis is based on a single version of the truth.

Open and accessible technology

Our in-built industry standard integration tool, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services, enables Horizon to dynamically integrate with other third party solutions.

Whether exchanging files of data or live web services, multiple formats can be used including XML information interchange.

Data into or out of Horizon can be shared in a controlled fashion, enabling you to control shared information and meet your specific business requirements.

Tried and tested data integration

Our integration approach is tried and tested. More than 80% of our clients use it to communicate and share information with third party tools, including: accounting, consolidation and ERP, valuation, footfall, building management, HR, credit rating, CRM and GIS.

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