Enterprise software for commercial, retail and residential real estate

Catering for all property management, asset management, financial accounting and facilities management requirements, MRI Horizon provides a comprehensive range of tools developed specifically for the real estate industry. Its suite of functionality and features is developed on advanced, industry-standard technology allowing for interoperability with your existing business solutions – or with a range of complementary products in the MRI family and our Partner ecosystem.

Utilised by leading property investors, operators and agents across retail, logistics, residential and some of the largest mixed-use portfolios in the world, Horizon is proven and trusted to improve performance and reduce risk. And, by working closely with clients during implementation, the system is tailored to your specific needs – no matter what the size or profile of the business being managed.

Effective management

Personalise, prioritise and analyse real-time data on all regions, funds, properties, agents, tenants, suppliers and leases.

Innovative user experience

Adopt attractive, easy-to-interpret dashboards and views, catering to every user including C-suite, accountants and managers.

In-depth analytics

Interrogate system data to discover trends, review metrics and unlock opportunities for increased rental and common area income.

Compliance tools

Mitigate your risks and harness functionality to help you pass audits, comply with latest legislation and meet industry guidelines.

Your guide to property management technology

Choose technology that supports your vision and use a platform that differentiates you from your competition – one that gives you the freedom and flexibility to build amazing digital experiences for the customers and communities you serve.

Proven functionality for the most complex needs

One source of truth, accessible 24/7 on every device, providing world-class security for your data and documents

  • Mobile Apps

    Extend your remote working capabilities with a cloud-based, mobile-enabled solution – and one that features a range of apps for specific tasks and access to critical data. Improve the efficiency of your staff and stakeholders with mobile tools for FM, asset tracking, inspections, surveys and accounts payable authorisations.

  • Data Integration

    With in-built integration tools, you can connect Horizon to your existing business systems or new technologies you adopt – including your third-party ERP solution. By doing so, your data is collated and maintained once, and you can be sure that every report and piece of analysis is based on an accurate, current and single version of the truth.

  • Document Management

    Streamline your property operations and achieve one central set of documentation across your portfolio. Get quick, easy access to important information including leases, plans, legal documents, and more. Natively built with MS SharePoint, or easily integrated with your existing platform, Horizon offers you the control and visibility you need.

  • Cross-Border Functionality

    Manage your global real estate portfolio with a range of features for multi-country, multilingual and multicurrency operations – including local indexes, income and cost codes, interest rates, banks, customers and suppliers. You can also generate tenant-facing documents and reports for multiple regions, all from the same central database.

Who uses the software?

MRI Horizon - Future-proof your business with MRI SaaS

Future-proof your business with MRI SaaS

We deliver cloud-based software for organisations running some of the largest and most complex real estate portfolios in world. Our next-generation SaaS solutions provide the reliability and security you require, along with the flexibility that allows you to adapt and grow your business. You can also have complete confidence in a secure, stable, fully managed infrastructure that has been built and is maintained to the most stringent industry standards. Explore our MRI SaaS overview to discover how you could unlock even greater efficiency and scalability in your operations.

Reap the benefits of an unrivalled software ecosystem by adding complementary, integrated capabilities to your technology stack

Serious about security

At MRI, across our range of applications and for our world-class SaaS environment, we are committed to meeting the latest and most recognised industry security standards.

SSAE Audit Standard

MRI Horizon SaaS is audited to SSAE18 SOC I Type 2 standards.

ISO 27001

The MRI Horizon SaaS solution has ISO 27001:2013 security certification.

MRI SaaS Infrastructure

SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 and ISO 27001 audits are carried out annually for the MRI SaaS infrastructure.

MRI Data Centres

Both of MRI’s UK data centre facilities are Tier III and ISO 27001 certified.


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