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A note from Castleton’s CTO: The boys and girls at Castleton have been busy working on significant enhancements to the Castleton product line with the introduction of GDPR features to nearly all products. A matrix of all of Castleton’s products mapped against the key GDPR requirements has been released and is available to our Customers, should you wish to have a copy then please contact your account manager. In addition, we will be publishing per product GDPR specific datasheets shortly and these will be available by the beginning of April 2018.

With regards to other product updates, Agile version 4.2 will be released at the end of April with a range of new features, including support for the staff app on iPhones, the first phase of calculated fields and support for international Google Maps. Version 4.3 is due for release towards the end of May – this will include all of the GDPR related functionality along with a host of additional features.

We are due to release Compliance, Castleton’s first “new” product will provide customers with the ability to effectively manage all of their cyclical activities and will link closely with Maintain and Agile initially. Further releases will enhance this offering to include integration with CEDRM and Castleton Scheduling. Pre-launch Compliance demonstrations are available now for booking but with limited slots, they are on a first-come, first-served basis.

We have just started working on the next phase of Castleton’s new products – Castleton Plan. Plan is a scheduling system with in-built machine learning capabilities that extend enhancements passed the current thinking of scheduling platforms for repairs. This will take the comprehensive scheduling routines from Castleton Maintain and build them into a brand-new solution, with the addition of complex new processes such as dynamic scheduling.

And finally, CEDRM – Castleton’s Electronic Document and Records Management platform is receiving a significant overhaul with improvements to the UI, back-end infrastructure, deployment and equally exciting – GDPR enhancements that are helping our customers on their GDPR journey.

This is an exciting time at Castleton and I look forward to sharing more updates in the coming months.

Our professional services team are now fully trained up on each of the new products and versions and in conjunction with the account management team are happy to provide quotations and dates for upgrades. Whilst an upgrade can seem like a disruptive task, it should be seen as an opportunity to review business processes and how to get the best out of the solutions – our consultancy team are always available to advise on “best practice” and where you may be able to gain additional benefits from the product(s).

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