News December 20, 2017

Customer Visits & Junction Go-Live

This blog post relates to Castleton, one of our previous brands. For more information please read the press release.

Castleton and Kinetic Customer Visits

With the announcement of the acquisition of Kinetics on December 4, visits with customers from both companies took place from 5th December. Customers were visited by Castleton CEO, Dean Dickinson, Scott Graham from Kinetics and Kathleen Cain. The response from customers and the sector has overall been very positive.

We were able to visit customers in three states and will continue to phone and arrange meetings with any customer we have been yet able to speak with or visit. The acquisition allows the addition of Castleton product suite to the Kinetic Housing system and and also the continued sale and installation of the Kinetic Housing product across the Housing Sector of Australia.

The additional scale within Australia will see added benefits to all customers in the coming months with additional recruitment in many areas across the Castleton business supporting all products.

Junction Go Live

During the week commencing the 4th December Junction Australia, based in Adelaide, successfully went live with Kinetics. A joint visit by Castleton and Kinetic staff happened later in the week and Junction staff believed the acquisition was the “gift that keeps giving” with them now having access to the Castleton mobile products. Congratulations to the team at Junction for their full engagement with the implementation and to Alison and Scott and the Kinetics team.

Junction purchased the Kinetic Housing and Greentree integrated systems and now felt the successful implementation and the capacity to purchase the Castleton products placed them in an excellent position to handle the changes and growth within the SA Housing Sector.

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