4 tips for commercial property management

The time of being an absentee landlord is over.

As a responsible commercial property management operator, being as responsive and transparent as possible is vital to your operations.

Now is the perfect time to take a step back and guarantee that your technology, policies and processes are all in-line with each other.

Your guide to commercial property management

Before you can succeed with commercial real estate property management, you need to effectively manage each stage in the real estate lifecycle.

This includes:

  1. Engage – Attract, retain and renew your tenants with effective processes for lease renewal and generating leads.
  2. Operate – Manage variables within your control with solutions that help you take stock of your assets.
  3. Analyse – From basic reporting to decision-making, you need tools to help collect and comprehend data to its fullest extent.

Once you have these under your control, commercial property management becomes significantly easier.

No longer do you have to spend hours repeating yourself and doing extensive paperwork, you can identify what your priorities are and start to automate key operations. This won’t happen until you understand exactly what’s going on around your business.

Commercial Property Management

Our top tips for successful commercial real estate property management

Your ability to gain insight into your commercial property isn’t the only deciding factor on whether or not you can satisfy your tenants.

You need a comprehensive strategy that makes sure boxes get ticked and requests get actioned. Wouldn’t you agree?

1. Have a property maintenance plan

First and foremost, then, you should look at implementing a property maintenance plan (PMP).

These ensure you are staying on top of the basics of facilities management and looking after the safety of your renters and employees.

As you’ll be able to guess, ensuring your building’s appliances, gas and electrics are all working properly is critical to your ongoing commercial property management. Regular check-ups could even save you money in the long run.

2. Always keep your tenants happy

Let’s face it. Try as we might, successful commercial property management isn’t an easy accomplishment.

The business owners you deal with on a daily basis are likely to be very proud of what they have built and will be very sensitive to anything they perceive as a “slight”.

If you are unable to organise an engineer to make an immediate fix for something, ask yourself what you can solve in the meantime. Always look to deliver an incredible customer experience and be available when your tenants need you.

This will transform your business reputation.

3. Effective communication

As a part of this, when problems do arise, you need your tenants to trust you to fix them.

Unless you want to be accepting calls every minute until you finally have a spare moment, you need to build a steadfast relationship with your renter that reassures them you’ll respond as soon as possible.

To do so, you should invest time and energy into developing a variety of communication channels. If you’ve got a good track record of communicating, your tenants will be much more patient.

4. Understand the latest technology

All commercial properties management involves a complex list of tasks that can eat away at your hours each day and constantly keep you on your toes.

Rather than letting things slip through the cracks, you need a way to prevent issues, track requests and stay in touch with your tenants.

Property management software can give you timely reminders when deadlines are due and allow you to send messages back and forth between your renters and employees.

Commercial real estate property management tips – FAQs

At the end of the day, commercial property management comes down to being organised.

With so much on your plate, you’ll have to consider adopting technology that can lift some of your workload and make you much more efficient with your time.

Instead of forgetting to respond to a tenant who reached out a few days ago, you’ll receive a timely reminder notification prompting you to send an update.

Doesn’t that sound ideal?

Should you need more support with the property management of commercial buildings, check out these FAQs.

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Commercial Property Management

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