Here’s why over 4,200 agencies use Property Tree as their property management software

Increase productivity

Automate processes and streamline workflows with intuitive, cloud technology.

Build better relationships

Deliver exceptional experience with quick responses, efficient task management and clear communication.

Grow your business

Optimise rent rolls, improve margins and retain staff to build a more profitable business.

Property Management Software

It's hard to grow your business when you're overwhelmed by admin and procedures

Landlords and tenants demand effortless results in super quick time and with zero hassle. If you or your property managers are experiencing these challenges, then we can help:

  • Admin overload
  • Inefficient processes
  • Frustrated tenants
  • Burnout
  • Inadequate digital systems
  • Dissatisfied landlords
  • High staff turnover
  • Margin pressure
  • No room to grow

Property management software that gives you the time and tools you need to grow your business

Service Providers & Contractors

Breeze through admin

Cut the time and workload of repetitive admin and procedures with document templates, efficient workflows and process automation.

resident screening

Connect and communicate

Change the way you communicate with landlord and tenant portals and collaborative communication channels that build engagement and trust.

property management software

Make data-driven decisions

Clarify and visualise your business goals and performance with tailored dashboards showing key data, trends and KPIs.

Over 4,200 agencies use Property Tree

Key features of our property management software

Performance dashboards

Property management software

Performance dashboards

Keep your finger on the pulse with real-time statistics of property, landlord and tenant information in configurable dashboards of arrears, leases, vacancies and more. View key information at a glance including a breakdown of arrears, a summary of active and expiring leases by status and date range, upcoming and overdue rent reviews, number of vacant properties and key business metrics including staff performance by portfolio. You can also view a breakdown of trust account balances at any given time and access comprehensive reports with a single click.

Task Management

Task Management

Your Path to Property Management Success. This innovative feature empowers property managers to streamline operations, fostering efficient collaboration, enhancing productivity, and delivering exceptional customer service. With Task Management, your to-do list becomes a breeze to manage. Prioritise tasks easily with a chronological view, stay organised, assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress all in one centralised hub. Whether you’re at the office or on the go, our mobile-friendly interface ensures you’re always on top of your tasks. Elevate your property management with Task Management today! Watch the video now >

Tenant communication

Property tree

Tenant communication

Streamline business processes with auto communications, the smart tools that allow you to set and forget notifications, alerts and reminders to owners, tenants and creditors. With a range of auto comms templates to choose from or create your own, sending arrears notifications, inspection, lease expiry notices, receipts, invoice statements and more has never been easier for real estate agencies using our property management software.

Owner and tenant portals

property tree

Owner and tenant portals

Increase customer satisfaction and engagement by providing your tenants and landlords with a personalised self-service way to manage their property information. Owner and tenant portals provide secure real-time access to information on inspections, maintenance, important documents and financials, reducing the need to contact property managers to request information that is available at their fingertips. Tenants can also access MRI Property Tree Connect, a comprehensive ANZ-first tenant mobile app that is also fully integrated with Maintenance Plus.


Property tree


Streamline your routine inspections process with automatic scheduling and tracking of inspections, with the option to reschedule or cancel as needed. Once the inspection has been conducted, generate and send detailed reports to your owners or tenants including any notes and photos. You can also have the freedom to choose any number of inspection integrations available from Partner Gateway.




Property Tree offers flexible solutions for resolving maintenance requests quickly and simply with our inbuilt maintenance workflow or Maintenance Plus, a single sign-on solution that brings tenants, landlords, tradies and property managers together to the maintenance workflow — updated in real-time with push notifications delivered directly to mobile devices and web portal.

Trust accounting

Property management software

Trust accounting

Built from more than 40 years of expertise in the trust accounting software space, Property Tree ensures your transactions are in safe hands, from automated reconciliations and receipting of tenants rent with Tenant Download, to bulk and fast invoicing with Invoice Genius, as well as quick disbursements to owners, making end of month a stress-free experience. Best of all, you can manage trust accounting processes with confidence knowing your property management program is legislatively compliant in Australia and New Zealand.

When you choose Property Tree, we've got all your digital needs covered

Who uses Property Tree?

Over 4,200 agencies use our property management software

3 steps to grow your business

1. Schedule a demo

Tell us the challenges you want to solve and we'll show you how our software works.

2. Get the right solution

Benefit from MRI Software's experience in the sector to ensure you get a future-proof solution.

3. Grow your business

Wow landlords and tenants and build a thriving business.

property management software

Set your team up for success, not stress

Property management is no longer just an admin role, it’s shifting to one of relationship management and customer service. But for many Australian property managers and business owners, the challenge of keeping up with admin while delivering great customer experiences can be overwhelming without the right digital support.

MRI Software has been creating software tailored for every specialism and market sector for 50 years and we’ve made meeting your challenges our business. Our market-leading property management software solution, Property Tree, is full of rich features and functionality designed to free up admin time so property managers can focus on what clients want – better service and communication.

It’s time to end burnout and start to grow your business with software that improves performance at every turn.

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