Streamline your processes with effective trust accounting software

Streamline your processes with effective trust accounting software

For over 40 years, Australia’s leading agencies have given their stamp of approval for our trust accounting software. Designed to work alongside your property management and invoicing workflows, our solution does the heavy lifting of trust bookkeeping so you can work at ease knowing your transactions are processed accurately and in real time.

Trust accounting involves meticulous bookkeeping and regular reporting and auditing. Our complete solution simplifies these processes with innovative features, built to ensure compliance and regularly updated with the most current trust accounting standards.

Trust accounting software features

Legislatively compliant accounting

Manage your property trust accounts with confidence knowing your trust accounting software is legislatively compliant in Australia.

Built in with your property management solutions

Experience effortless trust bookkeeping with a solution that’s deeply integrated with your property management processes.

Transparent reporting

Digital paper trail allows you to easily report, journal and track your trust account transactions, so you are audit-ready all the time.


Let our software do the reconciling for you! Make reconciling transactions easier and fool-proof with automatic reconciliation.

End of Month in minutes

Running End of Month is fast and easy with our solution’s automated receipting and streamlined report generation and payment processing.

Information at your fingertips

Never miss a thing with an Accounts Dashboard that gives you an overview of your trust trial balance, bank reconciliation and other funds information.

Always up to date

Our software works round the clock to ensure your trust accounting information and processes are always updated and follow the latest accounting standards.

Scalable for large and small agencies

Our solution is built to keep up with the trust accounting needs of offices of any size: from large-scale agencies down to solo specialists.

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