All you need to know about Property Tree’s 5 new dashboards

Want a simple way to stay across your agency and portfolio performance? Keep your finger on the pulse of your business with the newly re-imagined dashboards in MRI’s cloud-based property management software Property Tree, giving you access to not one but five dynamic dashboards.

Each dashboard aggregates and extract value from all the real-time data you collect, simplifying them into more manageable chunks of visual information. This means you can see what you’re doing right and where you need to improve on your agency, residential and commercial arrears, leases, vacancies and trust accounts… all critical components of running a successful property management business. You can even customise the content shown using smart filters, saving for future use if desired. For even greater visibility dashboards is also mobile friendly, so you can access on the go.

Let’s take a look at each of these dashboards and how they can be an invaluable tool for real estate agencies looking to stay on top of their business performance.

The agency board

The agency board provides an overview of key business metrics in a single view, allowing you to track staff performance by portfolio. No need for multiple reports or extracts – the information you need is all laid out for you.

The arrears board

This board shows a detailed breakdown of residential and commercial arrears (grouped by arrears type) and highlights tenancies with the greatest outstanding arrears. You can choose to display arrears per period or per effective date.

The leases board

The leases board summarises active and expiring leases by status and date range, as well as displaying upcoming and overdue rent reviews, organised in the following columns:

  • Leases column – Shows tenancies that are Active, Expiring and Expired.
  • Rent Reviews column – Gives an overview of upcoming, overdue and not set rent reviews.
  • New Tenancies column – Summarises tenancies with lease start date in the future.

Vacancies board

This dashboard provides a summary of vacant properties as a list – both vacating and vacated tenancies, organized in 3 columns:

  • Vacant Properties column – shows you all properties that have no tenancy profile and includes information on property, vacate date and days the property has been vacant.
  • Tenancies Vacated column- shows all tenancies where the vacate date entered on the Tenancy profile is now in the past.
  • Tenancies Vacating column – shows all tenancies that have a vacate date entered in the tenancy profile that is in the future.

Accounts board

Provides you with a breakdown of trust account balances at any given time, providing more comprehensive accounting reports in one simple click. This dashboard also includes a summary of bank reconciliation progress, allowing you a quick snapshot of the variation between account and ongoing adjustments.

Benefits for your business

Real time information

All data displayed on the dashboard are displayed in real-time ensuring that as transactions are performed, the information are accurately reflected in the dashboard.


You will be able to customize the content of each board based on a set of custom filters, including Portfolio, Trust Account, Tags and Trust Account Arrears Type.

Also, the order of the dashboard icons can be arranged based on your personal preference – Property Tree will remember your choice the next time.

Smart Filters

In addition to custom filters, you’ll also be able to filter the dashboard by multiple portfolios, pods or teams. You’ll also be able to filter the Dashboard to show data in instances where no Portfolio has been assigned, creating visibility of managements that need to be assigned to a portfolio. And to make things easier for you, filters on each board are saved and remembered for the next time you log into Property Tree on any device.

Seamless viewing of reports

Each of the boards allows you to easily drill down into the details of each content based on your pre-applied filters. Go from agency overview to very specific operational reporting real quick!

Mobile friendly

The new dashboards are designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing you access on-the-go simply by logging into Property Tree on mobile.

I just wanted to let you know, I’ve had a look at the new dashboards and LOVE them!

So much easier to see exactly what is happening across the whole portfolio.

– Property Tree user

Start using dashboards today

Property Tree’s re-imagined dashboards are available to all Property Tree users. Just click on the icons for each dashboard on your Property Tree landing page to view your real-time data performance. For more information go to the Property Tree Knowledgebase.

Not using Property Tree? Book a demo today to see our dashboards in action and learn more about how it can help enhance your agency’s performance.


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