How MRI Property Tree can help with rental property management

It’s no secret that rental property management can be a stressful occupation. Property managers are regularly required to manage portfolios in the hundreds, and staying on top of maintenance requests, routine inspections and everything else required in the day-to-day management of rental properties can be overwhelming.

MRI Property Tree is property management software designed from the ground up to meet the needs of leading real estate agencies as effectively as those of individuals managing a single rental property. It makes your work that much easier with a host of innovative and useful functionalities, allowing you to provide more proactive management and give your landlords and tenants great experiences.

Reasons why MRI Property Tree makes rental property management easier

1. Cloud-based to support your new way of working

The cornerstone of MRI Property Tree’s unique capabilities is the fact that it is 100% cloud-based. This allows users to access the system at any time and from anywhere to manage rental properties. Rather than being tied to a server-connected computer, your property managers can securely access the information you choose to make available to them from their laptops and smart devices no matter where they are. Managing properties in the cloud also saves you the start-up cost of purchasing and installing server hardware and maintenance and upgrades, making it easily scalable to match your needs.

2. Automated services all around

One of the most time-consuming aspects of property management is the large volume of tedious, repetitive tasks – many of which require manual data entries.

MRI Property Tree addresses this by providing multiple automated functionalities including arrears notices, receipting and reconciliation, ownership statements and inspection reminders. With ‘set and forget’ communications to owners, tenants and creditors, the time saved is immense, freeing you and your property managers up to tackle other pressing tasks.

3. Personalised communications

Communications is such an integral part of rental property management and MRI Property Tree is designed for you to connect with landlords, tenants and stakeholders easily and effectively. Merge fields and template customisation allow you to deliver messages with a personalised touch, while a full communications history ensures you have access to all information and conversations required to get the job done. To make it even better, a universal communications platform is currently in the works to provide you with better visibility to your communications in a single location including email, SMS and portal posts, so every message is easy to find.

4. Deliver great customer experiences

At the heart of rental property management are the landlords and tenants who rely on you to make their lives better. MRI Property Tree’s features are made to help you deliver great experiences, whilst ensuring you save time. Owner and Property Portals provide your customers with online access to inspections, maintenance, important documents and financials information at any time. Tenants can also access MRI Property Connect a comprehensive ANZ-first tenant mobile app that gives your tenants the digital services they expect to manage their property information.

5. Easy adoption and property management data importing

Even when a system’s feature set will make processes simpler, there is often the tedious and time-consuming task of importing huge amounts of data from another rental property management platform. MRI Property Tree makes the data migration process fast and simple, allowing you to spend less time setting up and begin enjoying more efficient rental property management.

6. Integrated accounting solutions

Forget separate accounting systems with a steep learning curve. MRI Property Tree takes care of nearly all your accounting needs to manage your rental properties comprehensively. The Invoice Genius feature allows you to upload invoices and extract information in bulk, making the invoicing process a breeze. An upload of your receivables will result in automatically reconciled and receipted payments. Meanwhile, creditor disbursements, payouts and all statements are easily managed and available at a moment’s notice. All your trust accounting can be done with confidence in the knowledge that MRI Property Tree is fully legislatively compliant in both Australia and New Zealand.

7. Unparalleled security for your peace of mind

Data breaches are a real problem for any property management business. To protect your business, financial, landlord and tenant data, MRI Property Tree makes security a number one priority. In addition to offering enterprise-level security and industry-leading security protocols, it also provides unique logins to each user and thereby logs every user’s actions. Additionally, you can easily bulk assign security roles to over 290 users – giving you more flexibility to manage what the different roles can access and modify. Our longstanding dedication to security is part of what makes MRI Property Tree the leader in managing rental properties across Australia.

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