Owner and Tenant Portals - <h2>Meet and satisfy the demands of your owners and tenants, now and in the future</h2>

Meet and satisfy the demands of your owners and tenants, now and in the future


In today’s connected age, give tenants and owners personalised 24/7 real-time access to the information they most need on their rental property with our Property Tree Owner and Tenant Portals.

This easy to use online portal is a great property management tool that provides a convenient and self-service way to access information on inspections, maintenance, important documents and financial details. It also provides an easier way to communicate with property managers and securely keep records of conversations in one place.



Increase client satisfaction

Provides tenants and owners the ability to access and view financial details including payments, invoices, receipts, transaction history and statements.

Empower your staff to work more efficiently

Reduce incoming queries by providing tenants and owners 24/7 access to leasing documents, rental property details, inspections and communication history.

Streamline maintenance

Tenants can create and keep track of maintenance jobs, with owners able to view and approve quotes directly within the portal.


Benefits of using owner and tenant portals

  • Cuts down paper use

  • Allows owners accessible control of their rental properties

  • Gives tenants access to relevant information on their rental property

  • Provides you and your customers with an organised communication system

  • Accessible 24/7 from anywhere

  • Gives you more time back to your business

  • Comes free with your Property Tree subscription

The Owner and Tenant Portals are one of the main features we like about the software and why we chose Property Tree

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