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A single lease management system, providing an easily accessible resource for all your lease information and documentation

At the most basic level, those involved in lease management should understand every lease commitment throughout the portfolio. However, the role now has many more complexities including accurate reporting of the new IFRS 16 regulations, which obligate that you are able to advise on the impact of current and future leases on the company balance sheet. Easily consolidating all of your portfolio information into a single system is likely to be one of your core objectives. Having your lease management software integrated with your real estate, facilities and other corporate systems would drastically improve efficiencies and communication. A multi-currency, and multi-lingual solution could help you manage global lease portfolios in one easy-to-use platform.

Lease management software features

Track key lease data

Never miss a critical event with automated notifications, including start and end dates, break clauses, rent reviews, rent free periods and indexations.


Manage rent and other property payments by integrating wiht your corporate ERP system.

Analytics and insight

Ensure complete financial control by seeing a comprehensive overview of all cost-driven information.

Improve operations

Improve business processes to drive reduction in time from initial concept to actual building use.

Software for Lease Managers

  • Focus on higher value activity

  • Improve decision-making with more accurate and detailed information

  • Access a single source for all lease-related data, reports and documents

  • Streamline working processes

  • Provide effective reporting that best reflects the needs of your operation

  • Strengthen relationships with service providers and support groups, as well as legal, finance and risk management

  • Improve lease management transparency for business unit leaders and senior real estate executives

lease management software

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Lease contract management

Lease start date/end dates, lease term, landlord, payee, documentation, correspondence, key events and clauses. All data points related to the management of a lease contract.

Lease options

Lease options within the contract available to either the landlord, tenant or both i.e. options to renew, options to break, available in the future, likelihood of exercising the option.

Rent reviews

Agreed rent steps, rent free periods, open market rent reviews, back dated rental calculation, flat percentage rental increases.

Lease payments

Manage all charges related to the lease with the corresponding lease values, periodicity etc. i.e. rent, service charge, insurance.


Any lease charges linked to an index including caps and collar arrangements i.e. CPI, RPI.

Incentives and costs

Including dilapidations, residual value guarantee, incentives, impairments, rent free periods etc.

Turnover rents

Retail percentage/turnover related rents across multiple sales categories, be it pure turnover rent or a base rent plus variable turnover top up, both from a payable and receivable perspective.


Including rental deposits, guarantees, non-refundable arrangement fees, whether the deposit is cash or otherwise, as well as linking to an index.


Referenceable clauses within the lease contract highlighted and tracked for successful management of the lease without manual review of the physical contract.

Space and unit charges

For leases that link to a specific space or properties that have been broken into units/floors, charges can be appropriated and managed accordingly.

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