Your Guide to Satisfying Building Safety Standards

Go beyond best endeavours when it comes to building safety compliance.

At MRI Software we’ve spoken to many clients who feel overwhelmed by the demands of the new legislation, and it’s understandable that organisations feel under pressure, often because there are no hard and fast requirements for the structure of a Building Safety Case Report.

It’s on each organisation to decide how best to interpret the guidance and deliver something which will achieve the core purpose of the law. By seeking to go beyond simple box-ticking to understand and address the core concepts behind safer and more connected building management processes, organisations can achieve compliance in a way that works for them.

It goes without saying that having the right people and the right tech in place is crucial. Done correctly, achieving compliance doesn’t have to mean a significant increase in resource levels.

In this guide, we’ve set out a straightforward process building owners or other responsible people can follow to take control of the data they need to achieve compliance. With the right technology stack, you can create a connected community across your properties, residents and supply chain, helping to make compliance as straightforward as possible whilst reaping a range of other business benefits.

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