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Resident Voice Index Research: The Hidden Cost for Social Housing Residents

Resident Voice Index Research: The Hidden Cost for Social Housing Residents

Results from MRI Software’s latest Resident Voice Index™ survey are now available. We asked asked over 8,000 respondents their opinions on the common policy of removing floor coverings from social housing properties when tenants vacate regardless of its condition. Previous surveys, which have explored the impact of the cost-of-living crisis, revealed the hidden cost for social housing residents.

The cost of the living crisis continues to impact residents nationwide, however, for those living in social housing accommodation, those pressures are exacerbated with a lack of basic essentials available from the second they move in.

MRI Software’s latest Resident Voice Index™ survey highlighted the negative sentiments, from over 8,000 social housing residents, on floor coverings (or the lack of) and the worries and concerns expressed over the financial stress of an additional, unexpected cost.

We were joined by guest speaker Jack Madge from Teign Housing who covered their approach to floorcoverings and Bekah Ryder from Altair who talked through the results of their latest survey, wider topics impacting social housing and the tools available to landlords to provide a new standard of living for residents, starting with floor coverings.

Watch the session to understand the latest results from the survey and the tools available to housing providers to better support your residents, organisation and yourselves with this hidden cost for social housing.

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We are MRI Software, the people behind the UK’s largest mutual exchange site, HomeSwapper. This gives us the largest direct access to social housing residents independent of their housing provider.

The Resident Voice Index™ is a long-term project to gather anonymised survey responses from people living in social housing in the UK. These short surveys are designed to provide policy makers and housing providers with information they can use to improve neighbourhoods and communities.

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