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Property investment owner advances decision-making and business insights with MRI strategic planning solution


A renowned property investment owner in the UK is utilising MRI’s strategic planning solutions to advance its decision-making and business insights. The client manages a portfolio of iconic assets – generating value for investors through smart investments and pro-active asset management – with a focus on delivering long-term results whilst providing value to stakeholders.

Business challenge

The organisation in question had the operational data it needed, processed via MRI’s enterprise property and asset management platform, but lacked a comprehensive solution for forward visibility of asset and debt modelling and real estate valuations. They had little handle on managing valuations workflow and no functionality to view returns on a leveraged basis, obscuring insights into the bigger picture. To achieve data-driven strategic decision-making, it became clear that they needed dedicated technology to improve asset planning and to report transparently, accurately and confidently to C-level executives and wider stakeholders.


As a result, the client has now expanded its use of the MRI Software ecosystem to include capabilities for strategic modelling, valuations and reporting. The connected solution provides a centralised database of portfolio information which can be leveraged for day-to-day property and asset management, as well as annual budgeting, quarterly forecasting, scenario modelling, debt modelling, biannual reporting and executive reporting.

Business impact

Our client has significantly improved its forecasting capabilities to manage costs and income more effectively. The technology has provided full control of the valuations process between the organisation and its valuers. They now have access to the data, in a consumable format and on a single platform, to allow for enhanced strategic and business planning. Workflow between owner and external valuers is trackable so that the status of a commercial valuation is only a click away.

Greater visibility

With more accurate calculations and robust automation, our client has access to real‐time insights and analysis that were previously buried in spreadsheets, or manually shared via email. By using an integrated solution that leverages historic operational data, they can accurately forecast future performance visually.  Performance outliers can be easily identified and mitigating action can be taken.


Full control of the valuations process with their third-party valuers allows for a transparent and fluent exchange of information. They can also make fast and accurate decisions on hypothetical scenarios over various timelines which, given the current unpredictable climate, enables flexibility, and agility. Valuation assumptions can be ‘merged’ into house views allowing the owner to have ‘blended scenarios’ using internal and external assumptions.

Revamped reporting

Data-driven decision support with rich, visualised outputs provides easy-to-consume analysis and reporting for strategic decision-making. This in turn inspires confidence from investors and stakeholders – improving visibility across the board.

Single software experience

Using a single, connected solution over manual exports or manipulation of data through spreadsheets, they have improved efficiencies, removed the threat of data evaporation and reduced risk. They utilised a strategic tool which will scale with them and provide the basis for long-term planning across property, asset and debt management, scenario modelling and valuations.

Learn more about our strategic investment planning solution HERE.

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