Purpose-built solutions for real estate investment modelling

In an increasingly volatile financial market, you simply cannot trust in spreadsheets to create and execute your investment strategy. Are you sure calculations are 100% accurate? Can you easily report and present the information held within? When one misplaced step could prove so costly, there’s no room for doubt. You need complete confidence, the type provided by a robust, reliable and innovative solution proven to help real estate investment managers get ahead and stay ahead.

Adapt fast as the market evolves

With our powerful real estate investment modelling software, you can bring together various strands of information and start to analyse hypothetical situations. It enables you to accurately forecast performance, model scenarios and create data-driven strategic plans – encompassing everything from bottom-up changes, such as vacancy rates, through to assessing how a significant market shift or macro-economic issue might affect the portfolio.

Innovative investment software features


Connect with real estate systems for a holistic and integrated view of your portfolio.


Configure the system, screens and various outputs to work the way you need them for your business.


Adopt intuitive, versatile, easy-to-use modern tech that engages users and the stakeholders you serve.


Harness secure, hosted software from a leading cloud provider, giving you peace of mind.

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Gain competitive advantage and capitalise on opportunities

  • Say goodbye to spreadsheets

    End your reliance on spreadsheets with a central data repository – one that allows for controlled collaboration and visibility while reducing errors and minimising risk.

  • Say hello to ‘smart data’

    Take the next step in your data management with tools for extracting, analysing and transforming data into quality, meaningful and actionable insights.

  • Be future-ready

    Increase agility with the option to quickly apply various scenarios and parameters to your models, helping you navigate changing and uncertain market conditions.

  • Achieve strategic excellence

    Make confident, accurate decisions leveraging a multitude of data from disparate sources and systems – including non-financial information and industry benchmarks.

Specialist modelling functionality developed for the unique needs of real estate investment

[Roundtable] Inside the crystal ball: Where you should be investing in real estate?

In partnership with real estate publication, EG, we brought together an array of experts to discuss and debate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, where the value will be in the future, and the importance of planning, analysing and modelling your portfolios.

Investment modelling in a connected ecosystem

Trusted by leading industry players

Software for the end-to-end real estate life cycle

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