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Prioritising resident safety: What agents, operators and landlords need to consider in respect of COVID-19

It doesn’t need us to say that the coronavirus pandemic has created a challenging, confusing, maybe even a chaotic environment. But, for property managers and agents, you’ve still got to work through the uncertainty. You need to continue meeting the needs of your customers, residents and leaseholders – and have responsibilities when to comes to their safety and well-being.

In this webinar, we examine the biggest challenges property management companies and estate agencies are facing, and offer some key insights into how businesses can maintain effective communication and deliver on their maintenance obligations against a backdrop of social distancing and self-isolation.

There’s also focus on the latest government guidelines in respect of the UK housing sector, and what it really means for landlords, agents and residents. The conversation will then move to look at the long-term impacts of the pandemic for the sector.

Hosted by MRI Software, we were delighted to welcome two expert panellists for this informative online discussion:

Rajeev Nayyar

A recognised figure in residential proptech, Raj is Managing Director of Fixflo – an award-winning provider of repairs and maintenance software for property professionals.

David Smith

A trusted advisor in the residential market and the outgoing Policy Director at the Residential Landlords Association, solicitor David is a property litigation and regulatory law specialist.

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