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Le Gallais prepares to scale with MRI Sales & Lettings

Le Gallais

Operating in Jersey for almost 200 years, Le Gallais is the oldest business in the Channel Islands still owned and directed by the same family. The property agency manages over 320 residential properties in Jersey, along with a sales team and property management team.

With a team of 12 property professionals, the agency has a longstanding reputation for being dependable, ethical, and trustworthy, with excellent customer service high on the team’s priority list.

Goals to upscale and grow the portfolio whilst maintaining the original headcount mean that modernising processes and building efficiencies into business operations are a prime focus too.

Business challenge

Le Gallais’ operational processes had been in place for a long time – the team were using between 3 and 4 different software solutions to run the agency. The duplication of data entry between these systems alongside several cumbersome manual processes were causing inefficiencies.

Additionally, tenancy application processes were conducted manually, with one member of staff dedicated entirely to carrying out reference checks, managing applications, and chasing applicants for updates and information. The team wanted to streamline the application process to give tenants more control and reduce the number of manual hours required from the team.

The solution

With improved efficiency, increased automation, and superior usability as priorities, the team at Le Gallais carried out market research to identify a management solution that would provide them with the features they required.

After carrying out demos with a few providers, the team found that MRI Sales & Lettings were the perfect fit for the company’s roadmap, and offered the functionality that would elevate the business’ operations for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Streamlined operations

With more efficient processes across the business, Le Gallais’ team members can focus on new business and expanding the business’s operations whilst maintaining a high level of customer service.

“To scale up the business we’d have had to recruit to deal with increased enquiries, but with the Tenancy Application Portal and “MRI Engage” we can scale up without increasing our head count”

– Darren Donnelly, Head of Lettings & Property Management, Le Gallais.

Tenancy Application Portal

A pain point for the Le Gallais team was the amount of resource consumed by managing and administrating tenancy applications.

With the MRI Tenancy Application Portal, prospective tenants can take more control over their submission, allowing them to input the required information and make pre-tenancy payments via an online portal, as well as accessing information on the status of their applications.

For the team at Le Gallais, this significantly streamlined the process of administrating tenancy applications, reducing the amount of time team members spent chasing information, providing updates, and maintaining records. This freed up staff to focus on adding value to the business and more time for clients, while providing a more transparent journey for tenants and applicants.

Integration across the business

“The nice thing about a single source solution will be that if somebody comes across from the sales side to residential lettings, they’ll have familiarity of the system regardless of their property specialism”

– Darren Donnelly, Head of Lettings & Property Management, Le Gallais.

Smarter working

With a solution designed for real estate, and developed with input from sales and lettings professionals, the team at Le Gallais now have access to a system that has been implemented with their and their clients’ requirements in mind.

Instead of the issues that arise with other software solutions using MRI Sales and Lettings, the team can be confident in their data’s accuracy, security, and benefit from improved ease of use for the whole team. Data is no longer accessed through gatekeepers, and processes are smoother, with automation built in to enhance data security and remove needless administration.

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