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Inside the crystal ball: Where you should be investing in real estate?

The future of real estate is being constantly debated. Asset classes are being put under the spotlight and scrutinised as to whether they will provide returns in years to come. Market experts are also leveraging industry data to predict exactly what will survive, thrive and suffer. So what would it be like to see inside the crystal ball?

In partnership with real estate publication, EG, we brought together an array of experts to discuss and debate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, where the value will be in the future, and the importance of planning, analysing and modelling your portfolios.

The key topics in this 40-minute session include:

  • What impact have macro-environment factors had on investment portfolios?
  • Have recent events changed the outlook for the future high street? Are out-of-town retail parks a good investment?
  • Is the logistics market overcrowded? Are there still good investment opportunities?
  • Are offices still a viable investment? What plans are in place for flexible working spaces with shorter term leases?
  • What asset classes should be kept an eye on for the future?
  • How important is modelling for your investment portfolios and how far into the future should organisations be planning?

Moderated by Tim Burke, Deputy Editor at EG, the panellists for the roundtable were:

  • Allen Chilten, Managing Director, Capital Markets, Patrizia
  • Pete Finnerty, EMEA Investment Solutions Director, MRI Software
  • Abigail Shapiro, Head of Office, Retail & Life Sciences, Oxford Properties
  • Richard Starr, Executive Director – Head of Property, Palace Capital
  • Nick Winsley, Managing Director & Head of Investments, AEW
  • Chair: Tim Burke, Deputy Editor, EG


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