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[EG Roundtable] Connectivity as a necessity – Digitalisation and data in the Build-to-Rent sector

The future of build-to-rent is exciting, but in an ultra-competitive market it’s tough to stand out from the competition. Leading investors, developers and operators are already getting ahead with forward-thinking digital investments, harnessing the power of technology to thrive in the crowded landscape and become BTR’s flagship brands.

There are many opportunities, solutions and infrastructure that investors, developers and operators can invest in to create a higher ROI. Rather than the latest product on the market, consider what residents want. What is seen as in-demand technology and what premiums can be expected to make on rental opportunities?

In this roundtable discussion together with EG, our experts discuss:

  • Where is the value in technology for BTR?
  • How can we use connectivity to capitalise premium rent?
  • What technology will be most in demand for?
  • What investments can be made to save on operational costs?
  • How can connectivity and technology be harnessed to improve the resident experience?
  • How can connecting the back-office and front-office through technology provide a seamless renting journey?
  • How can connectivity and ESG be combined to create a sustainable living experience?

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