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Eastend Homes chooses MRI Software to streamline service charge calculations

EastendHomes Chooses MRI Software to Streamline Service Charge Calculations and Enhance Customer Satisfaction.

London, August 2023 – EastendHomes (EEH), a London-based social housing association committed to providing quality housing and services for its residents, has partnered with MRI Software to enhance its service charge calculation processes.

As part of its plan to address the complex challenges of managing service charge calculations, EEH will implement MRI’s Service Charges software solutions.

The decision to select MRI Software was based on EEH’s need to efficiently manage its increasing number of leaseholder properties, now numbering about 2,000.  Consultation with leaseholders and tenants also identified a need to improve the way previous charge bills were presented with an emphasis on a detailed breakdown of costs and clear comprehensive reporting.

The adoption of MRI’s Service Charge promises tangible benefits for EEH. The solution significantly reduces the manual effort spent on complex spreadsheets and calculations and in turn the risk of human error. With a user-friendly interface and the ability to track changes and notes, EEH anticipates removing errors and automating its service charge invoices for their customers and residents.

This strategic alignment with MRI Software directly supports EEH’s business mission “to provide a local housing service which is efficient and gives value for money”. The improved service charge calculation process enhances transparency, flexibility, and accuracy, enabling faster decision-making and a more visible audit trail.

Since partnering with MRI, EEH has seen significant improvements in operations and is now leveraging MRI’s Housing Enterprise, Asset Management, and Open Accounts modules across all its main business functions.

Stephen Elliot Deputy Managing Director of EEH said.

“EastendHomes partnership with MRI Software is all about how we can add value to our residents by continuously improving our service around the management and communication of service charges.  Their software has empowered our staff with advanced technology, enabling colleagues to do their job to the best of their ability, while providing our leaseholders and tenants with clear and comprehensive statements.  I’m pleased to report we’re already seeing improved customer satisfaction which is why we are introducing other MRI modules across other areas of our business.”

About EastendHomes (EEH): EastendHomes is a local housing association committed to providing good quality housing and services to its diverse community in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

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