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Drurys choose MRI Sales & Lettings to deliver more to landlords globally

Boston-based property management firm Drurys has selected MRI Sales & lettings to modernise and streamline their internal processes and maximise their team’s profitability.

Scaling to serve property investors worldwide

Drurys is a small, independent property management company based in Boston in Lincolnshire. The company was founded in 2008 with a focus on sales, before adding lettings to their portfolio as the business grew to a team of four staff members and a portfolio of around 300 rental properties in Boston and the surrounding villages.

Drurys scaled its business as a series of drastic changes drove a boom in the Boston property market, with the town’s growth and high rental yields driving interest from investors around the world. Working with landlords based in locations as diverse as Australia and Portugal, the team have had to adapt their working processes to suit clients working across different time zones, alongside consistent growth driven by word of mouth as well as their own successful marketing efforts.

A new system to support accounts integration

When they received the news that their existing sales and lettings system was being discontinued, the Drurys team found that the alternative go-to-market solution they were offered by the manufacturer did not meet their needs, and set out to research a new software solution. Drurys were particularly keen to ensure that the solution they selected was able to integrate with their accounting system.

“We wanted to streamline our processes so we could get everything done to the right standard with minimal work. The features offered by our current system were reducing and support wasn’t as good, so we decided it was time for a fresh start.”

Amber Garner, Property Consultant, Drurys

Strong support and in-depth training

After researching several different options, Drurys were introduced to MRI via a contact in its support team, and after demoing the system opted to invest in MRI Sales and Lettings as the new heart of their business operations.

Amber Garner, Property Consultant at Drurys, explained that the support offered by the MRI team was a key factor in their decision to choose Sales and Lettings. “We’ve had a lot of staff members in and out over the years, and I was the only person who’d ever been trained on the old system, so everybody had their own ways of working. With MRI, we’ve had full training which was also provided via video, which is great as it means we don’t need to spend as long getting new starters up and running with the system.”

Driving efficiency and elevating landlord experience

Now in the implementation phase of their journey, Drurys are looking forward to streamlining their processes and working more efficiently with MRI. “We want to start from fresh with all our data cleaned and set up the way it needs to be”, explained Amber. “It’s been quite a task going through everything, but once it’s done we’ll save a lot of time.”

Drurys see MRI Sales and Lettings as key to their ability to deliver an excellent experience to their landlords and investors based around the world, and are considering adding MRI SecureSign and Landlord Portal to their solution in future to further streamline their processes and make it easy for landlords to access statements remotely on demand.

“With a small team, being a staff member down makes a huge difference, so the system needs to be able to support us if somebody is away. It’s such a large part of the business, and everything is in there, so you need to make sure it’s right for you. MRI is a better and upgraded version of what we previously had, with the addition of banking which is a huge feature for us.”

Amber Garner, Property Consultant, Drurys


To find out more about how MRI’s estate agency software could help you build efficiencies into your processes, contact us to arrange a demo. 


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