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Altrincham BID

Altrincham BID

Launched in April 2016, Altrincham Unlimited Business Improvement District (BID) aims to drive footfall, increase dwell time and basket spend in the town centre. Altrincham BID uses footfall data to monitor the impact of BID-funded town centre initiatives and key events.


Track footfall both in-store and out of store in real time at ≥98% accuracy using the latest AI technology

The Problem

  • To understand footfall trends in Altrincham town centre
  • What opening hours and days of the week are best suited for events and other initiatives?
  • Providing measurables for businesses who are multiples and have branches in other locations
  • Providing a comparison of Altrincham’s performance against other similar locations

The Solution

Altrincham Unlimited BID has used footfall data collected by MRI OnLocation to track the steady increase in footfall since 2014. The national and regional benchmark data for footfall collected by MRI has shown that Altrincham has out-performed the national UK footfall trend at key seasons such as Christmas events, and the impact on footfall from public and private sector investment in the town.

The Results

The BID has been able to better plan footfall driving events such as the ‘Goose Green Festival’ and introduce new events to the calendar. The footfall data has helped to demonstrate how key public and private sector projects have had a positive impact on footfall.

When looking at the performance of Altrincham against both the region and the UK for Week 9, 2018 (the week of the Beast from the East) the town significantly outperformed both benchmarks with a decline of only -8.7% against -17.0% (North & Yorkshire) and -19.4% (UK).

Altrincham town centre worked together in partnership over a 10-year period (between 2009-2019) to create the incredible transformation. Trafford Council, local community groups and the businesses collaborated to bring about the change that transformed Altrincham from ‘ghost town’ in 2010 to winning ‘Champion High Street for England’ in the 2018 Great British High Street Awards.

Altrincham Unlimited, the BID, in partnership with Trafford Council and the Stamford Quarter shopping centre, selected MRI OnLocation to provide an independent viewpoint that could be benchmarked against the national and regional trend. This created ‘phenomenal’ evidence to demonstrate the growth of the town’s footfall and provide clarity, as well as helping to inform stakeholders.

– Elizabeth Faulkner, Altrincham United BID

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