Resident Onboarding

Take new residents through the onboarding process step-by-step, using integrated electronic signature functionality. Conduct online reference checks and collect pre-tenancy funds through the system.

Rent demands and arrears chasing

Automate rent and add-on service billing plus debt control and arrears chasing. Configured to issue all demands in a timely, accurate and correct fashion to minimise queries.

Build Communities and offer add-on Services using Portals

On Built-to-Rent developments retain residents longer in the development by creating a sense of place. Utilise customer and social portals to notify of events and register attendees. In addition, notify of the availability of development amenities.

Link with common Residential industry systems

Harness a vast range of integrations with other leading applications in this sector – connect your portfolio data with other leading Proptech solutions. Don’t reinvent the wheel with these tried and tested links.

How to thrive in residential by putting tech at the heart of your offer

Effective and robust software is crucial to the success of your business. We know the UK residential market is shifting, whether from regulatory pressure, the economy or simply demographic changes. Added to this, client and resident demands are increasing. However, there is a chance to survive these day-to-day challenges, and even thrive, by putting tech at the heart of your offering. Real estate companies that embrace technology are the clear winners in the market, and those with a willingness to flex and adapt are seeing the most success.

As the market develops, seek a partner that can help you move to new residential disciplines, one that can help you offer new services and one that can enable you to win more business through technology. Our products have been at the heart of the UK residential management industry for more than 40 years, and we have built a large, loyal client base during this time. In addition, we are now bringing expertise and technology from other global markets – most notably, our solutions from the US multifamily market are available to the UK and Ireland Build-to-Rent sector.

  • Choose from a full range of SaaS solutions for property management activities in the residential sector, and manage the full life cycle of a residential development.

  • Utilise an open and connected system, one that allows you to link with a range of apps and solutions that you choose – not getting forced into a ‘one system fits all’ approach.

  • Partner with a three-time industry supplier of the year, proven when it comes to implementations, with local support teams on hand for quick help.

  • Harness a range of apps and portals for various stakeholders and users in the residential management process.

  • Market properties and let them fast with the market’s leading system, utilised by some of the biggest names in the lettings industry.

  • Adopt innovative resident portals to bring the development and community to life, while generating additional revenue by offering a wide range of services through these applications.

  • Show your competency throughout the funding structure through sophisticated reporting and investment management functionality.

  • Bolt on elements to complete the resident experience and, if you're already a client, you can add new innovative elements with no need to start from scratch.

  • Adopt deep levels of financial capability at property and portfolio level, through to sophisticated investment accounting support.

  • Resi agents can enjoy the functionality of sales, lettings and residential management within one platform – and have the ability to offer a white-labelled service using the software.

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