MRI Maintain

Plan, schedule and efficiently deploy

This powerful housing repairs and maintenance management solution can organise your daily works orders, assign a point of contact, schedule appointments in real-time and offer extensive reporting capabilities to support ongoing business intelligence.

Our Housing Repairs software allows for the most efficient and most cost-effective deployment of engineers to site. Your field-staff can work remotely, using the Repairs platform and make updates in real time.

Planning and scheduling routines are provided out-of-the-box with a range of options available including manual drag-and-drop, optimised and dynamic routes. Full stock management processes to support your daily repair and maintenance routines are built into the solutions – with direct electronic links to major suppliers, such as Travis Perkins and Jewsons. You can even create vehicle stock profiles, all managed by the engineer on a mobile device.


Full job management

Designed to manage the entire lifecycle of your responsive repairs, planned repairs, void or cyclical work requirements across your properties.

Powerful & intuitive

Organise your daily works orders, assign a point of contact, schedule appointments in real-time and offer extensive reporting capabilities to support ongoing business intelligence.

Integrated to offline mobile working capability

Making it easier for operatives to carry out their tasks and update systems in the field, regardless of connectivity.

MRI Maintain

Manage maintenance anywhere

Our workforce mobilisation platform can additionally be used as the mobile front-end for this repairs solution, allowing field-based operatives to access and update information seamlessly – removing manual recording and duplication of tasks back in the office. Between the two solutions, updates are in real-time and can drive huge efficiencies and cost savings across your organisation – in the region of £300,000 savings per annum. The mobile solution can be 100% offline – so that engineers can continue to work regardless of their environment and internet connectivity. Engineers can raise appointments, record updates and even close the job when completed and raise the invoice.

Our latest release delivers a catalogue of new features. These features have been combined as a result of understanding how our contractors and DLO customers work with the solution and the requirements they have.

Features include:

  • GDPR – Security and Document Management

  • PDA maps

  • Mobile appointment booking

  • Image gallery

  • ‘Quick adjust’ functionality

  • Asset updates

  • Bulk scheduling / service job wizards / appointment letter generation

  • Optimised scheduling

  • Enhanced imports (order / schedule import)

  • Client portal enhancements (variations)

  • Supplier integration (materials)

  • Built-in diagnostics (Active Housing)

  • CRM – built-in or standalone

MRI Maintain
MRI Maintain

Why use MRI Maintain?

  • Full job management

    Options to manage the full lifecycle of responsive, voids, servicing and planned works from raising the original request to completion and invoice.

  • Offline mobile working capability

    Making it easier to access work related documents from a mobile, regardless of internet connectivity.

  • Customisable to your requirements

    Designed around a configurable workflow with a dynamic dashboard.

  • Real-time appointment availability

    Calculated based on optimised routing, travel time and engineer efficiency.

  • Customer communication

    Automatically control customer communications by SMS, email or post, using customisable templates. Additionally, manage customer satisfaction surveys at point of contact via mobile or an automated 2-way SMS.

  • Access a suite of online portals

    Provide access to sub-contractors, customers and clients – all updated in real time.

  • Business Intelligence

    Draw intelligent data from repairs and maintenance processes with a full reporting suite, ideal for management reporting on performance, KPIs and profitability.

  • Improve efficiency across your workforce

    Adopt leaner and more integrated digital processes from planning to completion of work.

  • Reduce service response times

    Visibly improve customer service delivery

  • A fully integrated system

    Not only with MRI software solutions, but also major housing management and finance systems. This solution can work alongside your existing systems as well as future systems you may deploy.

In conversation with Chris Hone, Systems Director at Fortem Solutions

In a recent interview, we had the pleasure of talking to Chris Hone, Systems Director at Fortem Solutions about his role and how contractors can use technology to work with Social Housing providers and their residents.

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