MRI Rough Sleeper Pathways is the only IT solution designed to support rough sleepers into support and housing pathways; from count to independent accommodation. Rough Sleeper Pathways supports you to monitor your commissioning agreements, monitor service delivery and evidence outcomes.

The challenge of delivering rough sleeper and single homeless pathways requires complex and comprehensive planning, partnerships and resource with evidence-based outcomes. This software has been designed to help you manage this.

Rough Sleeping Intervention Support & Evidence

Working together to end rough sleeping

The solution supports collaboration with health, housing, social care and other support networks, culminating in one system that supports and evidences the positive outcomes for rough sleepers and the single homeless.

Designed by practitioners, MRI Rough Sleeper Pathways provides the platform for commissioners, budget holders and front line officers to:

  • Collate and submit data on your counts and estimates
  • Configure assessments, support plans and map desirable outcomes
  • Assign actions to the customer, partners, and your own team
  • Manage and evidence wraparound support
  • Gain oversight of the core support plans and delivery
  • Gain insights into customer behaviours along with team and partner performance to inform future service delivery
  • Monitor, support, report and evidence intelligence and statistical data across your borough or region


Locate, identify, support

From locating the customer, to identifying their support needs and demonstrating engagement, the ability to understand patterns of movement and behaviour can significantly support positive engagement, while recording all historical and new insight.

Use intelligent learning to get new, deep insights into customer behaviours and whereabouts.

Rough Sleeper Pathways:

  • Logs and remembers any sightings
  • Collates sightings into hot spot areas and movement patterns
  • Maps each sighting over time and lets you learn the behaviours of the customer
  • Allows you to drill down into the detail of each engagement and record detailed notes, enhancing the overall picture of the individual
  • Automated alert tool lets you know when a rough sleeper has not been seen
Rough Sleeping Intervention Support & Evidence

Counts and estimates

We know how important it is that you are able to collect accurate data and intelligence in relation to rough sleeper and single homeless households in your local area. Our solution enables you to collect this online. With the ability to render to any mobile device, Rough Sleeper Pathways puts counts and estimates forms in the palm of your hand.

Rough Sleeping Intervention Support & Evidence

Assessments and support plans

Once a service user has been accommodated, the ability to undertake and record a comprehensive assessment is pivotal to ensuring that appropriate support services are commissioned. Our solution enables you to record your assessment and generate a support plan with clearly identifiable targets across a range of configurable themes.

Rough Sleeping Intervention Support & Evidence

Evidencing outcomes

Evidencing outcomes is important to service users, support providers and commissioners alike. With Rough Sleeper Pathways, service user progress can be clearly charted using the visual Achievements Map. Support services can use the interactive map to demonstrate progress made against targets identified, whilst commissioners can monitor delivery of contractual objectives.

Rough Sleeping Intervention Support & Evidence

Informing future service delivery

We know that good quality data is intrinsic to informing future service delivery. Whether you are a local authority required to provide regular counts and estimates data to MHCLG, a support provider of services to rough sleepers and single homeless households or a commissioner looking for a better way to set, monitor and review your commissioning objectives, our solution supports you to collect accurate data to inform future service delivery.

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