Simplify lease management

Streamline and automate your lease management processes with easy-to-use AI enabled software.

Enable data-driven decisions

Stay one step ahead of market trends with deep insights into critical real estate data.

Unify diverse portfolios

Support multiple locations, currencies, languages and compliance standards with a cross-border platform.

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Managing your organisation’s real estate activities comes with many pressures and complexities.

Real estate departments demand software that delivers instant access to key property information. MRI Horizon for Occupiers provides easy-to-understand KPI reports and dashboards so you can ensure lease management and transaction processes run correctly and accurately while meeting reporting and accounting compliance requirements.

What’s more, the solution features intuitive, easy-to-use and AI enabled technology, helping your teams increase efficiency and productivity and improving decision making with data-driven lease intelligence so you can achieve your vision. 

Flexible portfolio software

An end-to-end solution

Make data accessible and accurate and be confident in your approach using an integrated software suite with fully integrated leasing and property management functionality. 

Enterprise FM

Financial compliance

Adapt to challenging and complex lease accounting standards with IFRS 16 and ASC 842 accounting capabilities to stay current with regulations and reduce risk. Eliminate human errors and gain total control over your lease accounting needs. 

Self-Service enabled

Open and connected

Adopt technology designed specifically for occupiers based on core real estate processes. Access a full suite of occupier solutions within MRI Software to enact meaningful change across your entire organisation. 

Explore proven functionality for the most complex lease portfolios

Lease accounting

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Lease accounting

Ensure compliance with accounting standards and report on lease details in a flexible and structured environment, gaining visibility into end dates, break clauses and key renewal dates. Manage any lease from property to equipment with a one-to-many lease approach. Meet core financial reporting requirements (including IFRS 16 and ASC 842) from the same lease, avoiding duplication of work. 

Lease management

Lease management

Manage complex leases and terms for a wide range of properties. Store detailed information and documents on all lease commitments and property assets. Reduce lease management complexity and risk with lease deadline alerts, automated payment requests and complex payment calculations such as service charges or sales turnover. 

Transaction management

Transaction management

Manage end-to-end leasing processes using structured workflows. Ease management pressures with proactive event and date-based alerts, helping you achieve measurable savings with tight control over real estate expenditures. Create templates to map out tasks required for new lease negotiations, terminations or other tracked activities. Monitor events and tasks with workflows to automate manual requirements and speed up processes. 

AI invoice validation

AI invoice validation

Powerful AI match back and reconciliation capabilities within MRI Horizon ensure only the correct amounts are paid when due, prevent overpayments, incorrect payees and streamline processes. Continuous cross-checking functionality ensures that physical leases match with ongoing amendments ensuring compliance and mitigating risk.  

Lease compliance and obligation

Lease compliance and obligation

Understand your obligations for each lease to maintain contractual compliance and maximise your operational performance while ensuring you don’t overspend on maintenance issues outside of your contractual requirements.  

Business intelligence

Business intelligence

Insights on every screen help you drive better portfolio performance. Monitor all aspects of your leases, identify P&L cost centres at each location and gain critical insights with KPI dashboards that visualise your portfolio analysis. 

Who uses the software?

All your technology. All in one place. All you need.

Reap the benefits of a unified software ecosystem by adding complementary, integrated capabilities to your technology stack.

Key Facts

Serious about security

At MRI, across our range of applications and for our world-class SaaS environment, we are committed to meeting the latest and most recognised industry security standards.

SSAE Audit Standard

MRI Horizon SaaS is audited to SSAE18 SOC I Type 2 standards.

ISO 27001

The MRI Horizon SaaS solution has ISO 27001:2013 security certification.

MRI SaaS Infrastructure

SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 and ISO 27001 audits are carried out annually for the MRI SaaS infrastructure.

MRI Data Centres

Both of MRI’s UK data centre facilities are Tier III and ISO 27001 certified.

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