Specialised technology

Adopt a solution designed specifically for occupiers, with development based on core real estate processes.

Best-in-class functionality

Remove restrictions by using the latest industry-standard open technology, making it easy to adapt and integrate with your corporate systems and third-party applications.

An end-to-end solution

Access a full and unrivalled software suite with fully integrated leasing, property and facilities management functionality at your fingertips.

Financial compliance

Adapt to the challenges and complexities of new lease accounting standards with IFRS16 accounting capabilities.

Gain exceptional depth of real estate intelligence to support better decision-making

If you're tasked with managing real estate activities within your organisation, we understand that you'll be faced with a wide variety of pressures and complexities. These range from simply ensuring basic lease, transaction and FM processes run correctly and accurately, through to a responsibility to meet reporting and accounting requirements. To achieve these objectives, real estate departments demand software that provides instant access to key property information and can produce easy-to-understand KPI reports and dashboards. In addition, staff expect technology with a familiar feel and ease of use. Horizon CRE delivers these benefits, and by empowering greater efficiency and productivity it can help turn real estate to your advantage.


  • Streamline and automate your lease management processes.

  • Stay one step ahead with unrivalled insight into critical real estate data.

  • Encourage a culture of corporate excellence, responsibility and collaboration.

  • Easily integrate CRE software into your current corporate set up.

  • Support multiple locations, currencies and languages with a cross-border platform.

  • Manage a diverse portfolio, domestic and international, in a single system.

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