News February 21, 2020

Wates Living Space Introduces Innovative New Engineer Tracking Service

This blog post relates to Castleton, one of our previous brands. For more information please read the press release.

Leading affordable housing maintenance provider, Wates Living Space, has introduced a new repairs and maintenance tracking system for residents, in a move to enhance customer service and operational efficiency.

The ‘Find my Engineer’ system, developed by Localz, will enable residents to track their operative’s estimated time of arrival in real-time, and follow their approach using a live map. The technology enables residents to receive automated SMS messages notifying them when their engineer is due, plus view a real-time tracking map of the operative’s location. Residents can manage bookings via the new system, minimising missed appointments and improving communication around repairs and maintenance jobs.

‘Find my Engineer’ operates using geofencing technology, picking up the operative’s location to within a few meters but enabling Wates to strictly control the location data that is shared to protect operative and resident privacy.  Once the operative arrives the tracking map instantly disappears.

The service is currently being piloted across a number of homes in Birmingham, through Wates Living Space’s major repairs and maintenance contract with Birmingham City Council.

David Morgan, Managing Director of Wates Property Services, commented: “The introduction of the ‘Find my Engineer’ service has been designed to improve the customer journey for residents and overall customer satisfaction.

“We are very proud to be one of the first service providers within the repairs and maintenance industry to have implemented the new technology. It was vital that the introduction of the new service was a seamless integration both for residents and internally. We look forward to developing this service further and implementing across more of our contracts.”

The new technology has been integrated through Wates’ current repairs and maintenance software, Castleton Maintain.

Dean Dickinson, CEO, Castleton Technology, commented: “From a working partnership of over 5 years, we know first-hand that Wates Living Space strives for high standards of customer service. We are immensely proud that the Castleton Maintain platform has been a key technology enabler to support their ambitions to deliver service excellence.

“Find my Engineer continues to elevate services for social housing provider’s and their tenants by reducing no access visits. We look forward to the roll-out and we will continue to support Wates with the development of the solution, focused on the needs of tenants.”     

Wates Living Space currently delivers repairs and maintenance for approximately 13,000 properties in west central Birmingham, including Perry Barr and Ladywood districts, and 18,000 properties in east Birmingham, including Hodge Hill, Yardley and Hall Green districts.

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