News October 21, 2019

Ensinger Praises MRI for its Fixed Asset Management Software

Ensinger Group, a world leader in the field of engineering plastics, has chosen MRI Software’s (MRI) software to ensure that auditors are satisfied with the quality of fixed asset information at year-end. The company has recognised the need for greater control over processes throughout the group and selected MRI to assist with the task.

Ensinger specialises in the manufacturing of stock shapes and profiles as well as in the fabrication of plastic materials. Its customers include major manufacturing corporations in such industries as aerospace, electronics, oil, food and renewable energy. The group was founded by Wilfried Ensinger in 1966 and established its first UK branch in December 1987 when it opened in Llantrisant, South Wales. It currently employs over 2000 people in more than 20 locations worldwide.

We wanted software that could handle the basics of fixed asset management within a complex arrangement of group companies and divisions

The group decided to replace its spreadsheet-based system with MRI’s specialist fixed asset software to benefit from the increased visibility of information and the enhanced audit trail on offer through the deployment of a dedicated asset register. James Cole, finance manager at Ensinger comments, “The Excel™ system that we were using previously worked adequately but was open to the manual altering of figures. We needed more control and to remove any risk of data manipulation. The software will provide us with a complete transaction history for all records which will make it easy for us to ensure that reported information is accurate.

“The new system’s reporting suite is extremely comprehensive and easy to use”, continued Cole. “One of the key objectives we established was to improve the efficiency of our asset management team at month-end and having all pertinent information readily extractable will prove crucial in achieving that goal. The software will also allow us to produce more accurate depreciation figures with the advanced calculation capabilities.

“We wanted software that could handle the basics of fixed asset management within a complex arrangement of group companies and divisions”, declared Cole. “MRI’s system covered all the requirements we originally outlined as well as offering plenty of additional functionality. We evaluated various products and company offerings on the market and found that not only was MRI competitive price-wise, it was also the most professional to work with – a testament to its dedication to top quality customer service.

“Our working relationship with MRI has been excellent,” Cole concluded. “We have found communication to be quick and efficient and feel that the team there has demonstrated a flexible approach to each specific request we have made. Having a free, no obligation demonstration on-site was greatly appreciated, answered all our questions and made it an incredibly easy decision to proceed”.

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