These FAQs have been put together after extensive consultation with local authorities. Want to know anything else? We’re here to help. Just get in touch.

MRI Alert - What is it?

Are there any additional costs?

Are there any hidden costs?

Are you on the G-Cloud?

Can applicants re-register online? Will the system be able to store preferred method of contact and generate bulk renewals?

Can tasks and reminders be sent via a range of methods?

Can you configure a case type?

Can you configure and filter notes?

Can you record outcomes?

Can you SMS customers?

Can you switch between all of the modules?

Does the system allow staff to register and record the outcome of all Housing Options and homelessness enquiries and applications in the central database?

Does your solution offer a secure client interface?

Is ALERT really free?

Is Housing Jigsaw mobile friendly?

Is the system configurable to adapt to future changes to allocations policy?

Is the system flexible enough to allow changes to application form and allocation policy relating to eligibility and priority?

The duty to refer - what is it?

What are the customer data and security measures?

Will the system assess applications for priority, calculating correct band based on information provided?

Will the system produce a shortlist of prioritised applicants to properties advertised on the Choice Based Lettings system?