What facilities management KPIs (primary KPIs) should you monitor?

Measuring performance against KPIs is a key part of any management-focused software system. How can you expect to make significant gains if you don’t know where and how you can make improvements? This level of insight is critical to driving your business forward in the way you want to.

When it comes to facilities management, there are numerous KPIs you can measure to do just that – from the cost of maintenance and work order performance by both internal teams and subcontractors to asset performance, work force usage, asset performance and call resolution against SLAs. Our solution provides you with the ability to measure all these aspects of your performance and more through easy-to-understand dashboards and SSRS reporting tools as standard.

However, we specifically recommend that you focus on the following:

Performance against call SLAs

SLAs are put in place to help manage reactive maintenance resolution times by both internal and external teams. Monitoring these SLAs – which are defined by you – is obviously very important to ensure that issues affecting the safety and experience of staff and guests are dealt with quickly. If you constantly miss these, our software provides you with the ability to put action plans in place (e.g. by making more staff available to manage reactive work or by using a more efficient contractor). Evaluate performance by call category, contract, person, SLA code, team and more.

Completion of PPM jobs

You implement a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) schedule to reduce breakdowns and maintenance costs, improve asset life and remain compliant and ultimately offer an environment where staff and clients remain safe. Reporting on the performance and completion of PPM jobs ensures you achieve these key objectives. Use our software to determine whether jobs are done on time (or completed at all) and identify concern areas, allowing you to make improvements when and where they are required.

Performance against work orders

Work order performance is key to monitoring the time taken to complete jobs. Use facilities management KPIs to make direct comparisons between estimated hours of completion against actuals to help you enhance both your PPM schedules and how you use your engineers.

Engineer workload monitoring

Engineer workload analysis enables you to evenly distribute tasks across your workforce. By monitoring the estimated time of outstanding jobs by engineer, you can ensure you distribute all new work orders to under-used staff. No individual is therefore overloaded, improving the quality of work they do and ensuring no jobs are missed. Should you find you do not have the required resource to complete remaining tasks at any given point, use our software to prioritise jobs (based on pre-determined priority codes).

Call attend and resolve times

Take advantage of the ability to monitor call attend and resolve times. Also prioritise call categories that impact the experience and safety of staff and, where appropriate, customers to ensure these are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Then evaluate from a top level how you can reduce response times across your business.

Call analysis

Evaluate the volume and types of calls you receive across your operations to identify recurring issues. Then use this data to investigate further. Are you using badly manufactured parts? Are the skills of the contractor up to the required level? Should you replace the asset completely? Use this information to make smarter business decisions and be proactive rather than reactive.

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