Inside Housing Roundtable: Business Transformation

Senior sector figures gather at an Inside Housing round table, in association with MRI Software, to discuss how technology is likely to change their businesses – and how they are preparing. Photography by SWNS

Businesses across the board have been transformed by technology in recent years. Customers are now able to interact with everything from banks to utility providers, and retailers to schools, in a fast, streamlined way.

On the flip side, businesses are, in general, better able to understand their market and respond more quickly to demand.

Housing is no exception – and from logging repairs to paying rent, many tenants expect a much more responsive service than would have been the case even a decade ago.

To find out more about how landlords are using technology to drive change – and how it is likely to transform their businesses moving forward – Inside Housing brought together a selection of leading players in the sector for a round table discussion, in association with MRI.

We wanted to find out where the sector is now by speaking to organisations at various stages of transformation journeys – and examine how those responsible for driving change are planning for the next steps.


Lots of topics covered during the session ranging from staff mobility, user experience, data analytics, AI and automation.

Being more user-friendly, inclusive and focused is the driver for many organisations upgrading their systems. Tenant demands are increasingly driving the pace of change. Residents are citizens of the 21st century and they expect to be able to transact with us in the same way that they do in other areas of life.  Housing providers and suppliers need to look at other sectors and to match the customer service expectations.

Transformation is no longer an efficiency exercise, social landlords now focus on providing a seamless customer service to residents, how they engage and changing the internal culture to be customer centric.

When thinking about new systems it is important to clearly define what data you have and any gaps that need to be filled, the use of technology to predict rather than react is important going forward, through predictive analytics tools.  Analysing tenant behaviour to improve the support they offer to customers.

It is this last point that is most important. If landlords are serious about providing a better service to tenants, they must get smarter about how they engage and the information they gather.

Read the full article in Inside Housing –How has technology transformed your organisation?


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