The problem with invoice approvals in strata management

You’re chasing multiple committee members, notifying them, getting their signature, and then of course you need to pay the invoice itself. And that’s just one invoice, for one plan – when you’re juggling multiple plans and hundreds of invoices, the approval and payment process soon becomes a full-time job by itself.

That’s where Online Invoice Approval comes in.

How Online Invoice Approval can help

Save time as a Strata Manager

Skip steps and avoid repetitive tasks as notification, follow up, and invoice payment are all automated for you. Manual tracking is eliminated as every response is easily viewable and invoices are automatically sent for payment once a majority is reached. That’s multiple calls, emails, and loads of time spent checking you’ve received the appropriate approvals, all saved every time you need to get something paid.

Improve the experience for your committee members

Everyone expects seamless online self-service experiences. Online Invoice Approval makes it easy for your committee members to approve invoices when and where it suits them, with the click of a button. It helps invoices get paid quicker, so jobs get done faster, and everyone is happier.

Make your life a whole lot easier

Bulk send invoices

Easily send out invoices in bulk for committee member approval and follow up with reminders with the click of a button, so you don’t need to spend time bulk emailing or following up separately.

Plan level approval rules

Every plan has different requirements. Online Invoice Approval makes it easy to set approval rules like number of approvers, approval thresholds, or to select specific committee members for each plan in your portfolio.

Approve via the portals

Approvers will be able to action invoices at any time, from anywhere, as long as they have access to the Committee Member Portal.

Automatic payment

Once an invoice reaches a majority, it’s automatically included in your next payment run, so you know that once it gets approved, there’s nothing else for you to worry about.

Strata Management Software

Built into File Smart for Strata Master

The Online Invoice Approval module is built right into File Smart, meaning it integrates seamlessly, with all your approvals data available in the systems you use every day.

Not a File Smart user? File Smart is an electronic document management system that enables the scanning, electronic filing, and fast search and retrieval of documents. It is tailored specifically to strata management offices to assist any department that needs easier storage and retrieval of documents. File Smart will streamline your business, reduce costs and help you recover the wasted space of onsite filing cabinets and offsite document storage.

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