Property Tree breaks 3500 customers as cloud adoption rises in ANZ

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Sixty two percent of property management agencies now use cloud software in an increasingly fragmented market – almost double the number using server-based technologies. Rockend, An MRI Software Company, is seeing this within its own cloud-based suite, with Property Tree breaking 3500 active customers this month.

According to Rockend research, there are now more agencies using cloud technology for their property management business than server-based software. The research shows 62% of Australian property management businesses are now using cloud-based software to manage their business, compared to 42% a year ago, showing the rapid adoption of cloud technologies in the Real Estate industry.

The property management industry has been lagging other industries such as financial services, insurance, or accounting in terms of its adoption of cloud-based technologies. Yet, at its core, it is an industry that is process and paper heavy with a highly mobile workforce.

Automation in Real Estate, according to Macquarie Bank, can deliver up to 25% in efficiencies. Rockend research has quantified average savings through cloud adoption to be $249,000 a year and an increase in 184 properties under management based on 22% efficiency gains.

Rockend reaches largest number agencies on cloud software with 3,500 now using Property Tree

Rockend software - infographic

This month, Rockend broke another milestone with 3,500 agencies now actively using Property Tree, its cloud-based property management software.

“Property Tree is now the most used cloud property management software in the market. Off the back of our new Dashboards announcement in July and due to the excitement behind our upcoming Business Insight solution earmarked for September, and a new Maintenance solution in the works, we are seeing an acceleration of the number of agencies adopting our cloud-based solutions” says Rockend CEO Alister Maple-Brown.

Rockend now services 55% of the property managements software market in ANZ – more than double their closest competitor. “And we don’t see this slowing” adds Rockend Head of Marketing, Catherine Vissiere.

“Rockend’s acquisition by global real estate software leader, MRI, means we now have access to the MRI product suite – 120+ products that could see us quickly add features like Callmax’s automated call management, so staff don’t need to man the phone’s on weekends, or Engage, a comprehensive portal tool that would give property manages much greater control over what their tenants and landlords see. And then there is the already ongoing development of innovative features like Dashboards, Business Insights, and Maintenance Plus. It’s an exciting time for our customers and we are looking forward to seeing what the next 12 months holds.”

Agencies are also recognising this development, with Ray White Corporate recently appointing Rockend as their Corporate Endorsed Partner – endorsing Rockend’s Property Tree among their franchise network of over 1000 businesses.

“We are thrilled to support Ray White as their Corporate Endorsed Partner” says Rockend CEO, Alister Maple-Brown”. This partnership affirms the strong connection we have with so much of the Ray White network, as many of their agencies already use our software.

To find out more about how Rockend and their cloud-based software can help your business grow, book a demo today.

[1] Calculations based on a 22% efficiency gains, a standard management fee of 6%, the Australian median rent per property of $436

(CoreLogic AU) and average agency statistics as reported by the Best Practice Interfirm Comparison, 2016.


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