Introducing MRI Property Connect

One of MRI’s objectives in building property management solutions is to simplify living for all your owners and tenants, ultimately making it easier for them to transact with your business. With this in mindwe bring to you MRI Property Connect, an ANZ-first property management tenant mobile app that gives your tenants more control in managing their property information. 

Property management app for your tenants

By leveraging the convenience of smartphones, MRI Property Connect gives your tenants the personalised and digital services they expect in today’s mobile and connected world. Here are a couple of reasons why this new level of service benefits you. 

1. Save time fielding calls and answering emails 

By logging into the mobile app, tenants have 24/7 access to information that relates to their tenancy and rental property – lease and bond information, rental receipts, invoices for payment, upcoming inspections, lease documentation and more, reducing the number of calls and emails you receive every day. 

2. Streamline communications with tenants 

MRI Property Connect gives tenants a direct way to communicate with you, their property managerthrough Portal Messaging in the app. By syncing all those communications in the property management software, Property Tree, it provides you with a continued history of communications allowing you to respond quickly and more effectively. This also gives you better and more meaningful customer engagement and can also help you retain good tenants. 

3. Process maintenance requests easily 

Your tenants will be able to report maintenance, attach photos and track the progression of each job in a few quick taps, making the maintenance process more efficient for you, the landlords and tenants. With the option to use MRI Property Connect either with the core maintenance functionality in Property Tree or with MRI Maintenance Plus, you have the power to choose the best way to streamline your maintenance workflow. 

4. Provide complete transparency 

With new legislation coming in throughout most of Australiamore effort is now required in providing documentation on insurance and inspections. MRI Property Connect simplifies that process by giving tenants a self-service way to access these documents. 

5. Gives you a competitive edge at no extra cost  

MRI Property Connect can give you a huge point of difference in your market by offering your tenants a more streamlined service and accessible information right at their fingertips.  Best of all, this service is included in your Property Tree subscription and can be activated straight away at no additional cost. 

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screen grab of MRI Property Connect presentation at MRI Ascend

To know more about MRI Property Connect, watch this on-demand video of the session in last month’s virtual Ascend conference, or read the article in the Knowledgebase.

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