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Truro BID

Truro BID

Truro BID’s primary objective is to drive additional and new visitors in the town centre using a number of key initiatives such as events and activities. By using MRI OnLocation’s, (formerly MRI Springboard), footfall data and insights, Truro BID are able examine the success of these initiatives and can also confidently measure the town’s overall performance against national benchmarks. The vehicle counter installed within the town enables the BID to monitor vehicle movements which influences decision making on how traffic can flow in and  around the town centre.

Prior to installing MRI OnLocation for footfall analytics, Truro BID had no real way of examining their quiet periods vs their busy periods and the reasoning behind this. Now, with an online dashboard and hard reports that can be accessed daily, weekly, or monthly, the BID can measure its success against its objectives.

“Working with the UK leader for customer information enables us to report confidently to our stakeholders and businesses how the BID is performing in general and also against the rest of the UK.” – Alun Jones, BID Manager. Truro BID

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