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Towerco Portfolios of the Future

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Succeeding in lease portfolio management for Towerco real estate requires insight and understanding

This insights-packed webinar will demystify how data insights address portfolio challenges, and explore industry leaders’ best practices in an ever-changing property market in Africa and Europe.

Topics to be covered in the forum:

  1. Impact of 5G on tower demand
  2. Scaling for growth demands
  3. Cost management and Net Zero targets
  4. The role of technology in portfolio management
  5. Solutions to complexities in leasing

Additionally this session will take a deep dive into recent whitepaper topics, the latest Towerco portfolio trends, and how innovations and insights are being used to address industry challenges.

Industry Leader Panelists:

Charles Green | Co-Founder and Executive Director
Greenseas DWC LLCs
Charles is currently Strategic Advisor and Board Director to digital infrastructure companies, having led 24 tower Sale/Leaseback and carve-out transactions in 15 countries on 4 continents over 25 years. He was Founding CFO of Crown Castle, Co-Founder and Director of Helios Towers Nigeria, Co-Founder, CEO and Executive Chair of Helios Towers Africa. Currently he is Co-Founder and Vice Chair of Amane Towers and NED and Strategic Advisor to Pinnacle Towers, PowerX Technology, and Delmec Engineering. Previously, he was NED and Advisor to Edotco (8 years) and Vantage Towers (2 years).

Gayan Koralage | Director, Group Strategy
Gayan is one of the founding members of EDOTCO Group, an ASEAN Unicorn with a 58,000-strong tower company in nine Asian markets. He is a visionary thought leader and a frequent speaker and writer in the telecommunications infrastructure space, covering key topics of 5G, network disruption, digital economy, digital transformation and inter-generation opportunities in the new decade.

James Foster
Towerco Trends Shaping the Industry
James will look at the latest trends like net zero, 5G, cost assurance and factors revolutionizing Towerco portfolio management.

Nicholas Leck
Holistic Portfolio Cost Management
Nicholas will highlight the importance of connected portfolios, even if you have multiple systems, integrated. Principles of interconnected information.

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