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Smart Villages Development Company

Smart Villages Development Company


The Smart Villages Development Company specialises in the management of business parks in Egypt and is currently managing and developing two projects in West and East Cairo.

The project in West Cairo is the largest gated business community in Egypt, accommodating a host of multinational and local companies, as well as governmental, financial authorities and organisations, including educational institutions and research and development centres.

The second Smart Village is located in East Cairo within the Al-Burouj project and will be developed as an integrated community covering 120,000m2, though a joint venture with Capital Group Properties (CGP).

MRI Middle East was awarded the contract to supply and deliver Facilities Management software solutions to Smart Villages Development Company, based on both the SVD management’s previous experience in the use of MRI Evolution, and an understanding of benefits it can bring as well as the professional approach of the sales and implementation teams who engaged with Smart Villages during the procurement process.

MRI is providing Smart Villages with the latest version of MRI Evolution as well as MRI’s GO Workforce Mobility solution. MRI has been responsible for implementing and configuring the new system in line with Smart Village’s business processes, as well as providing the required training.

“Our Smart Village community enjoys a host of professional services tailored to harmonise the business process, and we take care of our clients’ business processes and environment through handling all facility functions at the clients’ premises. By integrating services, we can create further cost synergies and increase efficiency and flexibility,” explained Mostafa Ahmed, Senior Facilities Manager of Smart Villages Development Company.

“We contacted MRI as we required a high-end CAFM system that allowed us to collate all our assets into one system, including all the PPM’s, which has helped us to elaborate all the tasks to our clients properly.”

The Challenge

The main driver for the implementation to Smart Villages was to provide efficiency and visibility, both operational and financial, via a structured and streamlined reactive maintenance and PPM process. The measurement and monitoring of SLA’s and KPI’s for their in-house maintenance team and third party contractors was of huge importance to Smart Villages, so particular emphasis was placed on collating and recording this information within the system.

A key challenge was the gathering of data for 30,000 maintainable assets, combined with a tight deadline.

“Smart Villages serves a large number of blue-chip clients so there was a need to get this done and get this right,” explained Rob Stringer, Head of Professional Services for MRI Middle East.

“However, MRI’s expertise in the management of large-scale projects, combined with the focus and cooperation from The Smart Villages Team, allowed for the collection of the required data within the allotted time frame.”

A further challenge was the need for both the MRI Evolution and the MRI GO Mobility Solution training to be conducted solely in Arabic.

“Thanks to MRI Middle East’s culturally diverse professional services team we were able to accommodate this request easily. The key to the successful adoption of any new software platform is user engagement and knowledge transfer and the fact we could facilitate this effectively for Smart Villages, contributed to the overall success of the project,” added Stringer.

The Outcome

MRI Middle East assisted the client in achieving the following objectives:

  • Managing their client’s requests/complaints through MRI Evolution Task Management.
  • Improving the quality of their services through MRI Evolution SLA monitoring and management.
  • Improving their onsite operation and maintenance in terms of efficiency and delivery by using MRI Go Mobility technology.
  • Managing the financial aspect of their client FM contracts.
  • Improving their FM resources productivity using MRI Evolution GO Mobility and MRI Evolution Reports.
  • Providing transparency across Smart Villages FM business departments via the MRI Evolution Digital Dashboard and Reports functions; giving senior management the essential business intelligence they need to make informed decisions.

“The collaboration, transition and training were handled very professionally, and since the inception of  MRI Evolution and MRI Evolution GO mobility solutions have enabled us to improve our FM quality services and our client requests, as well as our onsite operations and maintenance in terms of quality and delivery,” added Ahmed.

“The solutions have also assisted us in managing our client FM contracts financially and improving the productivity of our FM resources, as well as improving transparency in our business department levels and giving our higher management the ability to take the right decisions.”

Moving forward, Smart Villages wish to take advantage of the flexibility of MRI Evolution and MRI Evolution GO around customisation, via bespoke reports, workflows and Apps, enabling them to meet the client’s everchanging requirements and their own internal objectives.

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