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Real Estate Vision Stories: Shaftesbury Capital

In conversation with Tom Attree, Director of Sustainability and Technology at Shaftesbury Capital

As part of our Real Estate Vision stories series, Dermot Briody, Executive Managing Director EMEA at MRI Software met with Tom Attree, Director of Sustainability and Technology at Shaftesbury Capital.

Shaftesbury Capital is one of the largest listed property companies in central London, its key asset is the landmark Covent Garden estate. The company creates and grows value through a combination of creative asset management and strategic investments and is listed on the London Stock Exchange and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Tom describes how the company aims to deliver world class places, that provide economic and social value to its audiences.

“In the medium to longer term our challenges are to continue to deliver a world class cutomer and consumer focused experience. The intersection and growing sustainability conciousness of consumers and the growth of both climtech and proptech make it a unique time to be doing some of this.”

Talking specifically about how Shaftesbury Capital has worked with MRI Software, Tom explains,

“MRI and Shaftesbury Capital have had a long standing relationship…it has given us access to the wider MRI ecosystems of products and partners. During 2020, pandemic notwithstanding, we completed the implementation of MRI Investment Modelling, a strategic planning and modelling solution, and an MRI partner product from Insight software. Both have made quite a considerable difference to the to the way we work, particularly in our back of house processes. I’m personally proud of how our teams have responded to bringing in new technologies while working remotely and to the way MRI have supported that.”

Watch the recording of the session to hear the full interview.

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