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Rushden Lakes Case Study

Rushden Lakes primary objective is to drive business to the Northampton based retail park and to drive as many sales as possible for its on-site businesses. By partnering with MRI OnLocation for Footfall Analytics (formerly MRI Springboard), Rushden lakes can review their performance by monitoring the number of visitors they get on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis, and ensuring there are no risks in this area.

MRI OnLocation has been monitoring footfall into and around the retail park since it opened in 2017 with footfall monitoring enabled for all businesses, the terraces, as well as around the lake itself (which accounts for approximately 7% of the Centre’s total footfall annually).

Rushden Lakes uses the data it receives to influence decision making within the centre, especially when it comes to planning events, promoting trading opportunities for new and existing businesses, and planning peak trading rotas for the centre staff, security and the environmental team.

“We can truly understand the engagement of our visitors as we’re able to monitor footfall activity around the lake, the hospitality areas, and the stores. We recently did an initiative with Blue Light Card Members, and by using the Analyser, we were able to really get into the detail and review how successful the event was and communicate this to the wider team.

We also have counts of vehicles versus those arriving by footbridge/bus which is useful in demonstrating how sustainable the retail park is.” – Maxine Reeves, Retail Liaison Manager. Rushden Lakes.

Using MRI OnLocation’s data has been instrumental in supporting Rushden Lakes with their sustainability initiatives as they are able to monitor visitors to the centre arriving by footbridge and bus, which they are able to utilise in award submissions for sustainability.

“The dashboard is really easy to use and provides data and analytics in a high level and granular format depending on which internal and external stakeholders are being communicated to. Without MRI OnLocation, we wouldn’t be able to understand visitor and shopping trends here at Rushden Lakes and provide the feedback that we do about our success.” – Maxine Reeves, Retail Liaison Manager. Rushden Lakes.

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