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MIH Property Management gain efficiencies with cloud upgrade


London-based property management firm MIH Property Management has been in business for over five years and is growing quickly. Expanding from a staff of three to a workforce of 17, the team at MIH Property Management deal with block, residential, and commercial management across London and the Home Counties.

The company has been managing their portfolio with MRI Qube Property Management since 2017 and wanted to extend their relationship with MRI Software and leverage more from the system to better support their growth. Director of Operations Matthew Sparrowhawk was hired by the company to advise on the next phase of implementation of MRI Qube PM, thanks to his ten years of experience working with the system in prior roles.

When Matthew started, the team were using an older, on-premise version of the software.

“I was used to using the latest version of Qube and the dashboard format, then went back to the older style at MIH, which took a bit of getting used to as I was lacking some key features of the newer software.” – Matthew Sparrowhawk, Director of Operations, MIH Property Management. 

With Matthew’s expertise and advice from their MRI account manager, Matt Sentance, the team at MIH Property Management decided that the best course of action to reap the most benefits from MRI Qube PM was to upgrade to the cloud-based system. 


By using MRI Qube PM as a cloud-based solution, the team can now easily link with other applications. The open and connected platform enables integration functionality with other MRI solutions and Partners and will now be accessed through Virtual Channels as a user-friendly published application. For instance, MIH Property Management utilises Microsoft applications on a daily basis and can now integrate their Microsoft documents with MRI Qube PM, allowing for efficient workflow across the two systems.  Additionally, the new cloud-based system allows the team to focus on their business operations, with MRI Software fully supporting and managing the upgrades processes and security going forward. 


MIH Property Management is growing quickly, and the team needs to be able to efficiently handle the workload that comes with expansion. Recently, the company has taken management of 300 units and was able to quickly import unit and tenant details into MRI Qube PM.  

MRI Qube PM is designed to be scalable, allowing businesses to expand without losing any functionality or handling ability. Therefore, as MIH Property Management continues to grow, MRI Qube PM will be able to manage as much as is needed.  

Flexible and Efficient 

“People in the office were going into folders to find contracts and database entries, or to find an old spreadsheet, but now they can just log into Qube PM to find what they need,” – Matthew Sparrowhawk, Director of Operations, MIH Property Management. 

Everyday tasks are more efficient, as documents and data can all be managed and accessed via MRI Qube PM, saving the team at MIH Property Management time and energy. With the Manager Hub and Task Hub features, the team have everything they need right in front of them, with weekly workflows and instant access to different applications and data.  

Additionally, moving to a cloud-based system means that the team at MIH Property Management can access Qube while away from the office, on on-site visits or when working from home. Team members no longer need to return to the office to input data or update the system, as it can be done remotely on any device and updated across the business instantly. 

“People are always a bit apprehensive about moving onto new programs until they start to see the benefits – the Manager Hub and Task Hub did that for us, as the team saw that they can input information on their phone on a site visit straight into Qube PM,” – Matthew Sparrowhawk, Director of Operations, MIH Property Management. 

Future plans 

Alongside the upgrade to MRI’s cloud-based solution, Matthew and the team have chosen to leverage additional MRI Qube PM features to further streamline their operations, including the Site Survey App for inspections and inspection reports and Maintenance Management for planned and reactive maintenance. Plus, the team will also use the MRI Engage resident portal for tenants to access documents, statements and make maintenance requests. 

As the team at MIH Property Management strive to simplify their workflows and expand their company, MRI Qube PM will develop in step with innovations and continue to futureproof the business. 

To find out more about how MRI Qube PM can future-proof your digital first vision, contact our team to arrange a demo. 

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