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Merry Hill & MRI OnLocation: A Partnership in Data-Driven Retail Excellence

Merry Hill

Merry Hill, a prime Centre and top 10 UK retail destination, has always prioritised the delivery of precise information to its various stakeholders, which range from retailers and Asset Managers to investors. In today’s dynamic retail environment, the emphasis on high quality data analytics cannot be understated.

MRI OnLocation for Footfall Analytics (formerly MRI Springboard) joined forces with Merry Hill in 2021, just as the retail world was emerging out of the pandemic and were facing several challenges. These challenges included increasing the accuracy of the footfall data the centre captured to better understand visitor behaviour.

MRI OnLocation’s collaboration with Merry Hill pivoted the shopping destination towards a digital transformation in data analytics. Today, Merry Hill extensively leverages MRI OnLocation’s dashboard for its footfall reporting needs, fulfilling retailers’ bespoke data enquiries promptly. These invaluable insights not only inform management strategy, retailer discussions, and leasing sessions but are also seamlessly integrated into the Savills app. This integration offers a comprehensive comparative analysis — week on week, year on year, and against key benchmark figures.

MRI OnLocation’s dashboard allows the centre to truly analyse post-pandemic consumer behaviours. Given that Merry Hill operates trading hours right across the day, often from 9am until 9pm, insights into footfall patterns have been instrumental in supporting retailers to tailor their operational hours effectively.

MRI OnLocation has revolutionised how we approach data. With everything now readily available at our fingertips, the tediousness of data extraction and calculating formula is a thing of the past. The provision of hourly data is especially crucial for the brands within the centre as they strategise staffing, particularly during peak seasons like Christmas.

Christina Martin, Retail Liaison Manager, Merry Hill

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