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Liverpool BID

Liverpool Bid

MRI Software partnered with Liverpool BID to help understand the contribution of the BID’s activities on footfall in the city centre. By knowing the footfall patterns, the BID could understand the effectiveness of its strategy to enhance Liverpool’s appeal to visitors as a business centre.

Our approach

Liverpool BID has four key objectives, with a focus on providing business support to their BID levy payers. Having accurate and segmented footfall data for the city centre, Liverpool BID has been able to give businesses an indication of traffic patterns and trends over different time periods. Feedback from businesses in the City is that the improved understanding delivered by this data means that the BID is able to better establish the success of its sales/marketing strategies.

MRI seemed a natural partner to provide a live counting service. The high quality of service MRI has provided to date meant that for this particular need we were confident they could offer us what was needed.

During the unprecedented times surrounding Covid-19, MRI supported Liverpool BID through its live counting service. Live counting was particularly helpful on the significant dates of reopening; on those dates Liverpool BID were able to see the fluctuations of footfall traffic hour-to-hour. Since there was no model for how the public would react to the various stages of lockdown easing, it could communicate this up-to-date data to its businesses, in real-time, allowing them to plan how they would conduct business during those periods. This information proves to be extremely helpful during an extremely stressful period for businesses.

The BID found its live counting service was particularly advantageous on the days when lockdown was easing. They also anticipate the usefulness of being able to analyse through live counting in the months following lockdown, should another lockdown arise in the winter months.

MRI software was very responsive when we had a bespoke need. Specifically, we needed an understanding of an hour-on-hour update for footfall in its various forms and MRI was able to build, test and then communicate to the team how this data would be available.

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