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LIHC Investment Group uses Investment Central to boost operational efficiency

LIHC Investment Group is a leader in the US affordable housing industry and one of the largest property owners in the region. LIHC owns and manages a $5 billion portfolio including more than 37,000 units in multifamily affordable housing.

Business Challenge and Solution

LIHC sought a purpose-built solution to improve operational efficiencies and manage its growing portfolio to enable continued results for its partners. They now use Investment Central from MRI Software to manage portfolio data from a central database. The firm selected Investment Central nearly three years ago after industry peers recommended the solution.

We have close relationships with major real estate companies, and many of them use Investment Central.

Asset Management Analyst
LIHC Investment Group


Business Impact

MRI Investment Central provides LIHC with the tools it needs to manage cross-property financial data and continue working efficiently as it grows and acquires new properties.

Centralised data
Investment Central serves as a one-stop shop for LIHC to track data points across their portfolio. LIHC can also update ownership percentages as they acquire new properties, shrinking the margin of error in reporting.

Faster report creation
Investment Central increased efficiency in LIHC’s reporting processes by only requiring the user to enter information into the system one time.

Uncover discrepancies
LIHC uses Investment Central to track commercial leases and compare forecasted versus actual revenue. The firm can also compare financials from property managers with the budget in the system to find discrepancies or reasons for overages.

Accurate REO schedule
The process of maintaining an accurate Real Estate Owned (REO) schedule at all times has enabled LIHC to make refinance decisions that positively impact the bottom line. Prior to Investment Central, REO schedules were done by hand.


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