Client Spotlight

Downtown Santa Monica

Downtown Santa Monica

MRI Software has been working with Downtown Santa Monica since 2016 to monitor visitor behaviour within its busy retail district.

Our approach

Downtown Santa Monica has used visitor data from MRI OnLocation footfall counters to encourage new businesses to the downtown through its website.​

The challenges:

  • To understand visitor traffic and monitor trends in a dynamic urban environment.
  • To promote economic stability, growth and community life through targeted programming and events.
  • To provide data-driven reporting on program success to a diverse group of stakeholders.

Downtown Santa Monica provide footfall statistics such as yearly visitor volumes, annual percentage change and annual comparative performance using average visitor counts on any given day.

Santa Monica successfully operates a maintenance and hospitality Ambassador Programme to support an inviting and safe atmosphere in the downtown. The staff are positioned around the downtown to provide help and advice to visitors. The program is funded in part by property owners in the district.

MRI data helps to identify important metrics such as peak visitor times and locations, leading to more efficient distribution of resources.

Downtown Santa Monica continues to use MRI data to facilitate strategic planning for future events and quantify the value of the downtown.

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