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Create the Model Hospital with IWMS for Healthcare

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Facilities management in a healthcare environment is no easy job! With inefficient maintenance programs, Net Zero targets, compliance headaches, FOI requests, ERIC reporting relying on siloed data across multiple departments and manual processes, NHS Facilities Managers are under big pressure to deliver services on time and within budget.

Working with 120 NHS Trusts in the UK, we understand the challenges of the healthcare sector. With ‘MRI for Healthcare’ webinar series, we would like to help you to create the Model Hospital with an IWMS system tailored to healthcare sector.

Join our first webinar to have an understand on how to:

  • Have a clear picture of energy and waste usage in your wards and hospital buildings to reduce consumption and work towards your Net Zero targets.
  • Reduce cost by improving operational efficiencies and managing your space better.
  • Make ERIC reporting a breeze, by moving away from manual data entry to a full automation and save enormous time and resources.
  • Stay compliant with new and changing regulations with dynamically updating schedules and checklists and take the pain out of auditing.
  • Reduce downtime and unplanned maintenance costs by keeping your assets in optimal condition.
  • Create high quality hospital environments that offer better staff, contractor, patient, and visitor experiences.

Watch our webinar today to be one step closer to creating the Model Hospital

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