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Concordia Empowers Facilities Management Excellence with MRI Evolution Innovation

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Concordia is a renowned Integrated Facilities Management Company that has made a significant impact on its customers’ business eco-systems. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and performance improvement, Concordia has established itself as a leader in the industry. Managing over 253,000,000 sq. ft. of residential and commercial property, the company has garnered a reputation for delivering top-notch services while minimizing environmental impact.


When Imran Akram joined Concordia as Head of ICT, the company was using MRI Evolution, but not to its full potential. Having experienced the benefits of proper system utilisation in his previous role, Imran recognized that there was an opportunity for improvement that would allow Concordia to enhance service levels, streamline operations, and optimise efficiency.


Imran took on the task of deep-diving into the existing MRI Evolution system, identifying areas for enhancement. He worked closely with the team to implement changes that would revolutionize the company’s operations. Imran’s approach was multi-faceted, with quick wins achieved through the rollout of previously underutilized features.

Quick wins

One of the first improvements made by Imran was in the utilization of the SLA (Service Level Agreement) editor, which was previously overlooked. Imran ensured that the system accurately tracked and reported on clients’ unique service level requirements allowing the team to easily monitor performance against SLA targets and proactively improve customer satisfaction.

In the early stages of the project, Imran also focussed on ensuring that teams were using tools like MRI Go effectively, running audits of data to identify areas where tasks were not being logged correctly, and running comprehensive workshops and team training to increase the level and accuracy of usage.

Another area of focus was the call centre operations. Imran streamlined the process of capturing client requests and converted them into tasks in Concept. This standardized approach significantly reduced the number of emergencies logged each month by ensuring teams followed a standardised triage process, alleviating pressure on the operations team and enhancing overall efficiency.

I saw an opportunity to put ourselves on the front foot and get our systems set up in such a way that we don’t get on the wrong side of clients. This has had a big impact in alleviating pressure on our team.

– Imran Akram, Head of ICT, Concordia

Flexibility and innovation

While Concordia achieved a number of quick wins by maximising its usage of existing features, a key driver of their continued success is their application of MRI Evolution modules in new and innovative ways.

Concordia embraced new product lines such as MRI Audit Now to automate and digitise manual audits and checklists. After successfully using the tool to automate compliance tasks such as fire pump checks, Imran also decided to use MRI Audit Now to run Concordia’s performance management checklists, which tracked the company’s performance against contractual terms agreed with their clients.

When I look at any product or module I look at how we can maximise and see if there are other parts of the business which can benefit from it, beyond the intended use.

– Imran Akram, Head of ICT, Concordia

While planning to implement @YourService across one of their sites, a change of circumstances meant that Concordia had to pivot and find another deployment area. Imran instead chose to roll out @YourService initially to internal teams, allowing supervisors and facility management staff to flag facilities issues during their site visits. This innovative use allowed the team to capture jobs and incidents more efficiently. Concordia is also exploring the potential for utilizing @YourService for on-demand services such as valet parking, streamlining payment mechanisms for end-users and ensuring seamless experiences.

Partnering for growth

Concordia’s partnership with MRI Software has yielded numerous benefits for Concordia. By digitalizing and standardizing processes, the company significantly reduced time-consuming tasks, improving overall efficiency. The shift from paper-based operations to digital platforms resulted in cost savings and aligned the company with sustainability initiatives. Concordia’s ability to interrogate data through Concept and Power BI dashboards also enhanced strategic decision-making, helping them maintain a leading edge in the competitive facilities management market.

Through the strategic implementation of MRI Software’s solutions, Concordia has transformed its facility management operations. Imran’s vision and the dedication of his team has allowed Concordia to achieve unprecedented efficiency and customer satisfaction. As Concordia continues to leverage MRI Software’s suite of solutions, it solidifies its position as an industry leader.

In FM nothing is straightforward and you’ve got to think on your feet. Imran is a master of being able to pivot, and has really made the most of the flexibility of MRI Evolution.

– Karen Stevens, Senior Account Manager, MRI Software

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