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Achieving Energy Cost Savings and Net Zero Goals by Understanding Space Usage

Energy Management Software

Join us in our webinar where we will talk about the importance of monitoring occupancy and people behaviour for an effective energy management, enabling you to spot trends and make informed decision so you can reduce your energy costs and develop and manage sustainable real estate.

With insights on how your properties are used in today’s business climate and your employees’ hybrid working patterns, monitoring your energy consumption throughout the week, in-line with the occupancy data provides you with some great insights to help you reduce your energy bills. By analysing weekly/monthly trends, you can reduce waste, stay ahead of the economic challenges and take further steps to achieving your sustainability goals.

In this webinar, we will provide you with working examples of how organisations are using simple applications enabling them to access powerful insights to aid strategic planning and allow dynamic cost saving decisions.

Download our webinar to find out the power of footfall analytics and occupancy data, and explore how these insights can be a key player in reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint while helping you become a greener business.

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