Client Spotlight

Abdali Mall Transforms Operations with MRI Evolution

Facilities Management

One of the largest malls in Jordan, Abdali Mall is a thriving hub offering premium retail and entertainment facilities over five floors in the heart of Amman. With over 227,000 square meters of space, Abdali Mall offers an elevated experience to visitors from across the region.

The challenge

Abdali Mall faced the challenge of managing their property assets, tasks, and the performance of their technical team using disparate systems. They needed a unified platform that would provide an overview of their building operations and enable informed decision-making. Their goal was to improve operational efficiency, connect tasks with assets and workforce, and integrate with their Building Management System (BMS).

The solution

To identify a new supplier, Abdali Mall compared various competitor products, seeking a comprehensive solution that could meet their immediate requirements and allow for future enhancements.

After an extensive evaluation process, Abdali Mall chose MRI Software’s Evolution solution, impressed by its scalability, integration capabilities, and comprehensive features. The system’s open and connected architecture was a key factor behind the team’s decision to choose MRI Evolution, and they anticipated that the ability to add other complementary solutions over time would help them to expand their operations and continuously improve their processes.

Achieving operational improvements

With the implementation of MRI Evolution, the facilities team at Abdali Mall were able to achieve significant operational improvements. The integrated platform enables enhanced task performance, improved connectivity, and comprehensive oversight of building operations.  With a fully integrated view of all tasks, assets, workforce, and BMS schedules, MRI Evolution supports the team at Abdali mall to work efficiently and make informed decisions, while the seamless integration with other aspects of their operations has further streamlined their processes. MRI Evolution’s powerful reporting capabilities also allow for tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitoring maintenance activities, providing valuable insights into their operations.

Ongoing support and training

During the implementation process, the Abdali Mall team received in-depth training sessions from the MRI Software team. Since then, they’ve continued to work closely with MRI Software’s support team to address any issues, and to ensure they continue to get the most out of new features.

The support was very good and the training was very clear and in depth covering all the details we needed to know about the system. Technical support team is always helpful and efficient. They come back to us within 24 hours and for urgent issues we get instant responses. If I don’t how to do something, the support team always help and answer our queries by going above and beyond.

Mohamed Quniby, Abdali Mall, IT Section Head

Set up for success

Through the implementation of MRI Evolution, Abdali Mall has transformed their operations, achieving improved efficiency, streamlined workflows, and enhanced their decision-making. The comprehensive features, scalability, and seamless integration capabilities have made it a valuable asset for their property management needs. With MRI’s ongoing support and commitment to their success, Abdali Mall is well-positioned to thrive in the competitive mall management landscape.



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