Apartment pricing & availability

Turn apartment hunter’s heads with quality content. Conversion rates for Market Connect can exceed one in three prospects.

Attract residents online

Prospective residents can view your properties and take virtual tours via a professional website optimised for mobile.

Controlled inventory visibility

Manage the visibility of available units to drive a sense of urgency with your prospects.

Expansive online marketing to attract qualified prospects for your residential community

We broke the status quo to change how residents shop for your housing online. Market Connect is an unbeatable lineup of pricing and availability, plus property and mobile websites, allowing you to leverage data directly from your property management system to work more efficiently. No double entry of pricing and availability required. This is the first piece of the residential Connect Suite, bringing your potential residents even closer to becoming part of your community.


  • Maximise revenue by ensuring your leasing office is always open.

  • Reduce data entry errors with tight integration to PMS pulling real-time availability data.

  • Capitalise on web traffic with efficient, highly-effective community websites.

  • Increase staff productivity with access to real-time pricing and availability.

  • Drive lease conversion with streamlined ILS and screening experiences.

  • Allow prospects to view and reserve available apartments and begin the screening process.

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